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Red Light District

De Koffieschenkerij

Posted on: janvier 10, 2023

De Koffieschenkerij in Amsterdam Red Light District

Is De Koffieschenkerij in Amsterdam Worth A Visit?

De Koffieschenkerij in Amsterdam is the place to be if you’re looking for an expertly brewed coffee or tea! Just a stone’s throw away from the Oude Kerk and Red Light District, it’s the perfect cozy spot for sipping on a selection of speciality drinks and munching on homemade apple pie. Plus, don’t forget Koffieschenkerij has a terrace overlooking one of Amsterdam’s iconic canals – how often do you get to enjoy your beverage and snack with such a view? So mark my words – Koffie-lovers, Koffieschenkerij is definitely worth the visit!

De Koffieschenkerij in the Old Church in Amsterdam
This is where the brilliant Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn married his wife.

Atmosphere and Decor

The atmosphere at De Koffieschenkerij is warm and welcoming. The cozy lighting and vintage decor create a relaxed ambiance that is perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee with friends or a good book. The coffee shop has a rustic feel with exposed brick walls, and wooden beams. The outdoor terrace is a great place to people-watch and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the Red Light District. Especially in the summer time.

The vintage lounge at De KoffieSchenkerij in the Red Light District

Coffee and Other Offerings

De Koffieschenkerij serves a variety of coffee drinks, including espresso, cappuccino, and latte, as well as specialty drinks like chai tea and hot chocolate. In addition to coffee, they also offer a selection of pastries and pies, which are known to be delicious. The coffee shop is a great place to stop for breakfast or a midday snack while exploring the city.

Overall Experience

Overall, De Koffieschenkerij is a must-visit destination in the Amsterdam Red Light District. The combination of history, atmosphere, and delicious coffee and pies make it a great spot to relax and enjoy the city. The location next to The Old Church adds to the charm of the coffee shop and makes it a perfect stop during a day of exploring. Whether you’re a coffee lover or just looking for a cozy spot to unwind, De Koffieschenkerij is definitely worth a visit.

Enjoy a super tasty coffee in Amsterdam's Koffieschenkerij
De Koffieschenkerij has very good coffee indeed! 

Another great place to have coffee and lunch/dinner in one of the oldest buildings of Amsterdam is restaurant café De Waag.


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