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Red Light District

Hofje van Wijs

Posted on: June 1, 2014

Hofje van Wijs, the best coffeeshop in Amsterdam

Hofje van Wijs – The Best Coffee Bar in the Red Light District!

This one goes out to all the coffee and tea lovers in the world…
When visiting Amsterdam, this is absolutely a place you should visit. Here’s why:

What makes this place extra special is that this use to be the home of the Godfather of Amsterdam’s Red Light District. His name was Simon Frederik Adriaanse (1927-1996), a.k.a. “Frits van de Wereld”.

Former kingpin of Amsterdam's Red Light District, sitting in front of house which is now Hofje van Wijs.


History of Hofje van Wijs in Amsterdam

Frits van de Wereld (translated: Frits of the World) operated here between 1956 and 1984. He owned a bar, brothels, an illegal gambling house and the place what is now Hofje van Wijs. He was responsible for most of the drug deals that were organized back then. Firstly hashish, later heroin. In the 70’s, Frits was connected to Ling Kioe K., the biggest heroin dealer in the world. The kingpin, Frits van de Wereld, died in 1996 of an asthma attack.

Although Hofje van Wijs is now a coffee bar and restaurant, the interior still has that great old school look. And most likely, some things inside use to be owned by Frits van de Wereld – like the fire place.

Also, Hofje van Wijs has a great terrace! It’s very cozy and the perfect place to avoid the buzz of Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

Hofje van Wijs terrace in Amsterdam

Coffee and Tea at Hofje van Wijs

The 200-year old coffee and tea vendor Wijs & Zonen (the monarch’s purveyor) maintains this pretty courtyard cafe. When entering Hofje van Wijs, you’ll see that they offer a great variety of coffee beans and tea. Here’s what their menu looks like:

The menu at coffee bar Hofje van Wijs in Amsterdam

Hofje van Wijs definitely understands that people would like their coffee (and tea) before buying it.  The whole place is surrounded with different kind of coffee beans and teas. In jars, obviously…It’s great that you can see, smell and taste all the coffees and teas. This make is lots easier, choosing the right coffee or tea.

Great variety of teas in Hofje van Wijs in Amsterdam's Red Light District
Kopi Luwak – one of world’s most expensive coffee.

Hofje van Wijs only serves its own brand. They select and import their coffee beans and teas themselves. This way, they can ensure their high quality products.

Hofje van Wijs, one of the best coffee bars in Amsterdam

For those who are only familiar with Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts or Coffee Company, please do visit Hofje van Wijs. You’ll be amazed by the lovely flavors they have. And drinking the best coffee in the world, in a place what use to the home of a notorious gangster, is pretty awesome! But what you’re really here for are the yummy cakes.

Some coffee jars at Hofje van Wijs. A coffee shop in the Red Light District.

Kopi Luwak

Kopi Luwak is one of the most expensive coffees in the world. The high price is not caused by the coffee beans themselves, but by special way of production. Kopi is the Indonesian word for “coffee” and Luwak is the local name for a civet cat. This cat eats raw red coffee berries. Its dejecta is being used during the coffee production.You can buy this coffee in Hofje van Wijs. Per cup or per 100 grams. It’s 21,50 Euro ($28) per 100 grams.

Coffee jars at Amsterdam's coffee bar Hofje van Wijs. Located on the Sea Dike in the Red Light District.

Ethiopian coffee in the Red Light District of Amsterdam

They also offer great coffee beans from Ethiopia. Like the one above, Yirgacheffe…
The coffee from Yigacheffe is world renowned and acclaimed for its perfumed aromas and sweetness, which you won’t find anywhere else in the world. It has a overwhelming explosion of fruit and flowers at the first contact with the mouth. Delicious light tones of lime and sweet peach combined with exquisite Jasmine flowers aromas. Velvety acidity and a mild chocolate flavor in the body.

Amsterdam's Hofje van Wijs serves the best coffee in the Red Light District!
Not only does Hofje van Wijs has the best coffee beans and teas, its also offers a great view. If you would sit anywhere close to the entrance, you have a nice view on the Sea Dike. You could also sit in the back. More peacefully, it offers a stunning view on the canal of the Geldersekade.

Also, the service is great! The personnel is quick, helpful and friendly.
Don’t know what coffee or tea you’d like to have? Just ask one of the employees, they can inform you perfectly.

Some of the teas at Hofje van Wijs in Amsterdam's Red Light District

Although the names on the menu above might suggest it’s about marihuana. This is  actually a some of the teas that Hofje van Wijs offers. Weed is the only thing that you can’t get here. They do serve food, beers, wines and soft drinks though.

Hofje van Wijs Bitcoin

Hofje van Wijs does not only accept cash and cards, but they also accept Bitcoins! How cool is that? Spending your Bitcoins in Amsterdam’s Red Light District!

Coffeeshop Hofje van Wijs in Amsterdam's Red Light District accepts Bitcoins

How to get to Hofje van Wijs in Amsterdam?

Did we already mention that this place is just 3 minutes away from Amsterdam’s Central Station? By foot, that is…

  • Walk: If you have Central Station behind you, walk towards the church on your left. Enter the Zeedijk street, within 1 minute you’ll find Hofje van Wijs on your left.
  • Tram: Take any tram that ends at Central Station and follow the directions above
  • Metro: Take any metro that ends at Central Station and follow the directions above.

Without a doubt Hofje van Wijs is the best coffee bar in the Red Light District and perhaps even in Amsterdam. Make sure you don’t miss this place during your visit!

Next to Hofje van Wijs you’ll find Mary go Wild – a new venue that offers lots of cool electronic dance products; books, vinyl, clothing and whatnot.

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