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Public transport in Amsterdam

Public Transport in Amsterdam

Tips & Tricks Public Transport in Amsterdam

The public transport in Amsterdam is something which you’ll certainly like. Amsterdam isn’t a big city, so it’s pretty easy to get around. By bike, by foot and by public transport. We’ve listed some tips and tricks for using the public transport in Amsterdam.

Public Transport Cards

Travelling with metro, bus or tram requires one and the same public transport card. There ar two options: A disposable or non-disponsable public transport card (in dutch: OV-chipkaart).

1. Disposable public transport card

You can travel anywhere in the city centre for one hour for 2,60 euro. These disposable public transport tickets are available in tram, busses and machines from GVB. With this card, you can travel with any bus, tram or metro from the moment you check in till one hour later. This card is the best option if you’re in Amsterdam for a couple of days. Note that the disposable public transport card is not valid in trains. Check the info below for train ticket options.

The famous twin prostitutes of The Netherlands, waiting for the next tram in Amsterdam.The famous Dutch twin prostitutes, waiting for the next tram to arrive.

2. Non-disposable public transport card

If you’re in Amsterdam for more than a couple of days, it’s best to buy a card which you can use several times and longer than one hour. Rates for public transport are reduced with almost 50% compared to the disposable public transport card. You can choose between a perzonalized oder anymonous card. Both cards are also valid in trains.

Anonymous public transport chipcard

An anonymous card  is recommended if you are visiting Amsterdam or The Netherlands for holiday. It’s also more convenient to use this card if you want to share the card with others. However,  several people cannot travel at one and the same time using the same card. You can only load the card with an e-purse and with train tickets. You cannot load season tickets onto this card. There is a one-time charge of € 7.50 for this card, which is valid for 5 years. The card cannot be blocked.

Personalized public transport chipcard

The personalized OV-chipkaart offers you the most advantages if you’re in the Netherlands permenantly or for a couple of months/years. You can reload the e-purse on the card as often as you want, either with a balance in euros or with a travel product (with, for example, a season ticket or with train tickets). You can also decide to have the e-purse on your card automatically reloaded: If the amount on your e-purse goes below 5 euros, then a fixed amount of 10 or 20 euros is automatically transferred from your bank or giro account to your OV-chipkaart. You will also need a personalized OV-chipkaart if you want to benefit from an age-related reduction. Just like the anonymous card, there is a one-time charge of € 7.50 for the anonymous card, which is valid for 5 years as well .In case of loss or theft you can get this card blocked.

Public transport in Amsterdam

Public transport in Amsterdam’s Red Light District

The best way to go to the Red Light District is by foot from Amsterdam’s Central Station. It’s just a 5 minute walk.
There are many narrow alleys and streets in the Red Light District, therefor there aren’t any busses of trams in the area. If you take one of the metros towards Central Station, you should get out at Nieuwmarkt (New Market Square). From there, it’s just a 2 minute walk to the Red Light District.

Trams in Amsterdam

Trams operate at regular interval throughout Amsterdam and run from 06.00 AM to 00.30 AM. Between 00.30 AM and 07.30 PM in the morning you can use night-buses. No matter where you need to travel in Amsterdam, you will have to wait no longer than 10 minutes at the tram-stop.

Metros in Amsterdam

Amsterdam's Metro Line, the underground

It’s important that you check in your valid OV-chip card at the station or on the platform. Buy your ticket from the GVB machines provided or the ticket office. Regular checks take place to ensure that all passengers have a valid ticket. When getting on or off a train, press the button on or next to the doors to open them. Do not get on or off after you hear the signal that the doors are closing. All metro trains call at all stations on their route, so there is no need to alert the driver to stop.

Where to buy Amsterdam’s public transport tickets for bus, tram and metro?

GVB Tickets & Info Stationsplein
(opposite Central Station)
Open: Monday to Friday, 7am – 9pm and
Saturday and Sunday, 10am – 6pm.

GVB Tickets & Info metrostation Central Station:
Open: Monday to Friday, 7am – 6pm.

Trains from and to Amsterdam

Amsterdam contains of 12 trainstations. Amsterdam Central Station is the biggest station and is itself an impressive building. To travel by train, you can buy a disposable chip card in a NS machine (note these cards are not the same as the disposable chip cards for bus, tram and metro, which are available in a GVB machine) or at the box offfice at the train station or use your non-disposable public transport chip card.  It’s also possible to buy a train-ticket online by clicking here.

Where to plan your journey in Amsterdam or beyond?

To plan your yourney with every kind of public transport, click here. This is a very convenient website for planning your journey inside and outside of Amsterdam! If you fill in your departure address and your destinantion address, this site will tell you exactly which trams, metros, busses or trains you need to take to get from door to door in the fastest way! You can find another website to plan your train journey here.

Do you have a question about the public transport in Amsterdam? Please do not hesitate to contact us! We are here to help you out.