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Amsterdam Museum

Posted on: May 22, 2014

Amsterdam Museum (aka Amsterdam Historical Museum)

The Amsterdam Museum, also known as Amsterdam Historical Museum

Amsterdam, once a small settlement on the Amstel River. Today, a colourful metropolis with a unique appearance tell the compelling story of the growth and prosperity of this exceptional city.
Situated in a building that used to be a civil orphanage, Amsterdam Museum (also known as: Amsterdam Historical Museum) aims to keep the history of Amsterdam alive and accessible to a wide public.

Experience the story of Amsterdam, by visiting Amsterdam Museum. The admission for adults is € 11  ($ 15). An entrance ticket for children will cost you € 5  ($ 7).

The Amsterdam Museum is a beauty and it’s located in the city centre. On one of the most popular shopping streets, the Kalverstraat 92, zipcode 1012 PH, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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