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Red Light District
Bike Rental

Bike Rental

A great way to see Amsterdam is with bike rental!

The bicycle plays an integral role in the life of every Amsterdammer, whether shopping for groceries, taking the kids to school or even moving house. After a romantic evening out, it’s quite normal for a date to be cycled home on the back of a bike. The best way to get a true impression of daily life for the average local citizen is to cycle through the city. Experience Amsterdam as you pedal, get a perspective on the various architectural styles that shape the cityscape and feel the freedom cycling brings to transit in this dynamic city.

Explore Amsterdam by bike

With the roads being as narrow as they are, it would behoove many a tourist to consider bicycle rental during their stay in Amsterdam. There are so many places to go and so many things to see that a rent a bike service can fulfill many traveling demands. There are a number of bike rental shops all around Amsterdam. They all have different ways of determining their rates, most having to do with the types and grades of bikes being rented. Some bikes can be used purely for recreation while others are rented for business purposes. For tourists or residents of Amsterdam, visiting a bike rental service is a must. It’s the best way to get around, really!

Bike Rental in Amsterdam

For convenience there are bike rental shops all over the city of Amsterdam. Even in the Red Light District! For tourists who do not know their way around the city, there are at least two bike rental shops close to the Central Station. There are also at least two bike rental shops in Leidseplein. Bike rental shops will require a passport or some other official form of identification. Many of them will also require a credit card to put a deposit on in case of a theft or damage to the bike.

The first criteria to examine are the rates of bike rental. Around the city of Amsterdam bikes can be found as low as €5 for three hours and as high as €3 for one hour. Most bike rental establishments will reduce rates for longer periods of rental. For example, a service might charge €9,50 for one day, but will knock the price down to €7 per day for two days. The service can go as low as €4,40 per day for a full seven day rental.

Bike maps and guided tours are a part of the package for many bike rental shops. To experience the bike culture of Amsterdam takes some time and it is not a bad idea to have a guide if it is the first time out for a tourist. There are many guides who can give you an unforgetable tour through this unique city.

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