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Alligators Protect Cash and Crystal Meth In Amsterdam

Posted on: februari 26, 2016

Crystal Meth In Amsterdam Protected By Real Alligators Steve Irwin Amsterdam

The Amsterdam Police Almost Got A Bite From Crime

Synthetic drug dealers who sold crystal meth in Amsterdam used two alligators in an Amsterdam safe house to protect their illegally acquired earnings. The Amsterdam police announced that this bizarre “straight out of Hollywood” discovery was made last Tuesday. It seems like a scene of a Netflix-serie, but this drug-story is true and it took place in the East of Amsterdam.

Crystal Meth in Amsterdam Safe House

The police raided a total of six properties in Amsterdam and one in nearby Almere. The action was undertaken after a long-run investigation into the synthetic drugs trade. A total of eleven gang members were arrested, consisting of nine males and two female ranging in the ages between 25 and 55 years old. Half a million euros in crystal neth, several kilos of other synthetic drugs and 300 thousand euros in cash were confiscated. Several firearms were also found.

The money and crystal meth in Amsterdam were hidden in such a way that for people to get close, they had to get past the two alligators. The gators are still located in the raided safe house in Amsterdam. The owner of the building has the required permit to keep the animals according to the police spokesperson. The police had to call on a reptile expert to be able to get the past the mordacious animals.

Crocs To Stay Put

The two alligators that protected the crystal meth in Amsterdam will remain in the safe house for the time being. A permit is being sorted out and in the meantime someone will feed the animals on a regular basis. The police won’t mention where the animals are located because this may reveal the identity of one of the suspects.

Breaking: “Steve Irwin” of Amsterdam Implicated

News: Crystal Meth In Amsterdam Protected By Gators!
Suspect “Steve Irwin” of Amsterdam during an alligator show.  Source: AT5

According to local Amsterdam news agency AT5, the possible supplier of the alligators is none other than Ferry T. T. – who is locally known as the “Steve Irwin” of Amsterdam. Ferry T. normally uses his alligators and crocodiles for shows. T’s precise role in the crystal meth gang is not known at this point in time.

This is one of the first crystal meth cases in Holland. This hard drug is not popular at all – it’s mainly used in the gay scene. Cocaine & XTC/MDMA are the most used illegal drugs in Holland. In 2010, the estimated illegal trade in cocaine was 317 million euro en XTC was estimated on 103 million Euro. Source: CBS

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