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Coffee Shops in the Netherlands Open Again For Takeout

Posted on: maart 16, 2020

Coffee Shops in the Netherlands Open Again During Corona Crisis

Dutch Government Allows Coffee Shops In The Netherlands To Open During Corona Crisis

Dutch coffee shops (local name for cannabis stores) are allowed to open their doors again to offer cannabis (weed & hashish) at collection points during the Corona-crisis. The Dutch government has decided that the same rules will apply to coffee shops in the Netherlands as to the Dutch take-away restaurants. They are allowed to provide customers with food and drinks, as long as they do not put them at a table.

Dutch source: Dutch Coffeeshops May Offer Cannabis Again

A lot of people visited the Dutch coffeeshops since yesterday afternoon, when they were told that coffeeshops in the Netherlands had to close their doors at 6 pm. There were long lines of people who soon wanted to buy hash or weed during the Corona crisis.

Coffee shops in the Netherlands In Corona Crisis

Illegal Street Trade By Closing Coffee shops in the Netherlands

 Street dealers share business cards to cannabis shop visitors.

The video above was recorded on March 15th and shows two illegal street dealers sharing business cards to customers of coffeeshops in Amsterdam.

Mayors in the Netherlands already urged the Dutch government today that the coffeeshops should be allowed to open their counters again. They feared that the illegal drug street trade would flourish again due to the forced closure. So they hear their call.

Customers of takeaways and coffeeshops are advised to avoid crowds. Also, the purchased items may not be consumed on the spot.

Coffeeshops in the Netherlands Open Again During Corona Crisis

The Dutch government is still looking into the possibility of allowing restaurants that do not currently have a take-away function to open such a facility. This way they can still earn something during the corona crisis.

Dutch sources of this article: Coffee Shops Open Again For Cannabis Takeout en Dutch Government Re-Open Coffeeshops During Corona Crisis

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