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Amsterdam In Corona Crisis

Posted on: maart 17, 2020

Amsterdam in Corona Crisis Video

Quiet Amsterdam in Corona Cris: Empty Streets & Closed Venues

The normally lively streets of Amsterdam are deserted due to the measures against the corona virus. We experienced this during a bicycle tour at 11 am through Amsterdam. These three videos is what Amsterdam in corona crisis looks like.

The video above was recorded on March 17, 2020. It shows New Market Square (Nieuwmarkt), China Town and Zeedijk street and several streets within the Red Light District area. This is what the city centre of Amsterdam in corona crisis looks like. Numerous events have been postponed and bars, restaurants, daycare & schools are closed until April 6, 2020. Also all erotic venues (like Casa Rosso, 5D Porn Bioscoop & Club Bon Ton) and window brothels are closed too. Most sex workers are afraid to work during the corona crisis.

Survey: I Think I’ll Visit Amsterdam Within 6 months

On March 26, 2020, Amsterdam Red Light District Tours published the following statement: I think I’ll visit Amsterdam within 6 months. In other words: I’ think I’ll visit Amsterdam before September 2020. This poll reached as many as 8,416 people and a total of 956 people voted. The response rate was therefore 11.35%. 58% of the respondents were positive and answered yes on the statement I think I’ll visit Amsterdam with 6 months.

Dutch Prime Minister Rutte Speech

Dutch prime minister rutte speech
Prime Minister Rutte on 16 March 2020 during his national speech. (ANP)

Everyone with minor health problems is strongly advised to stay at home. Dutch Prime Minister Rutte repeated it again on Tuesday evening in his speech: ‘these are unprecedented measures for the Netherlands in peace time. Prime Minister Rutte is no longer afraid to say that citizens should “follow” the directions “to avoid groups, bars, restaurants, etc.” “For the sake of people who are more vulnerable.”

Yet the prime minister also marked the limits of the policy he wants to pursue. He absolutely does not want a total lockdown of the Netherlands, such as Spain does. “Such a rigorous approach may seem attractive at first sight, but experts point out that it certainly wouldn’t be a matter of days or weeks.” In fact, that could take “longer” than “one year”.

Closing the country could cause greater damage to the Netherlands. Without mentioning that, he appeals to the economic and socially disruptive consequences that would occur. “The Netherlands is an open country and as long as there is no vaccine, the coronavirus will continue to spread through the world like a wave and not skip our country.” (bron)

The residents of Amsterdam take Rutte’s advice to heart, as witnessed by the two videos this article. It shows Amsterdam in corona crisis. Far fewer people on the streets. Some describe it as ‘dead’ or ‘extremely quiet’.

Dutch Cannabis Shops Only Open For Take-Away

Coffeeshops in Amsterdam in Corona Crisis
Cannabis shop The Bulldog blocked entrance and only sells via take-away.

Last Sunday all coffee shops in the Netherlands were also told to close their doors within hours. This then lead to masses of people who quickly visited the coffee shops (Dutch term for cannabis stores) to stock themselves. Once the coffee shops closed, many illegal street dealers took over the drug market. Therefore, the Dutch government decided to reopen coffee shops, but only for take-aways.

The video below also shows coffeeshop The Old Church II and coffeeshops Smokey’s on Rembrandt Square.

The video above starts at Rokin street and continues at Munt Square, Amstel, Rembrandt Square and Utrechtsestraat.

The video above was recored on 18 March 2020 in the middle of the Red Light District. It shows empty window brothels and closed shops.

Most Dutch people and tourists avoid the streets in Holland’s capital, for now.

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