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10x Amsterdam Tours

Posted on: januari 1, 2024

tours in Amsterdam

Top 10 City Tours in Amsterdam

Are you looking for fun things to do in Amsterdam? And would you like to learn a thing or two about this beautiful city and its liberal Dutch culture? Check out this useful list with 10 great city tours in Amsterdam.

1 | Amsterdam Red Light District Tour

tours in amsterdam red light district

This is one of the tours in Amsterdam, that you will never forget in your life!

If you really want to have a good opinion about one of the most unique neighborhoods in the world, then it’s necessary to have all the right info. Get to know Amsterdam’s oldest and most fascinating area – locally known as De Wallen – during our Red Light District tours.

After you’ve done this tour, you’ll have a much better understanding of (legal) prostitution, the Dutch drug policy, sexual education in Holland and Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

Legal prostitution in Holland’s Red Light District

Learn everything about legal prostitution in Holland! Did you know that the window brothels in Amsterdam have been present since the 1950’s? Did you know that the window brothels here stand in opposite of a big church? And did you know that 4.305 people live in the Red Light District? (source)

red light district tour

When was prostitution legalised in Amsterdam? How many window brothels are there in Amsterdam? What does ‘it’ cost? Do prostitutees in the Netherlands have to be tested for STDs? What’s the difference between legal prostitution and decriminalised prostitution? Where do the prostitutes come from? Are they self-employed? Which safety measures are there for them?

Get the answers to these and many other questions during our super interesting Red Light District tours in Amsterdam.

Subjects Red Light District Tour

During the Amsterdam Red Light District walking tours local guides explain legal sex work, local lawsDutch drug policy, sexual education in Holland, a bit of Amsterdam’s history, the ‘coffeeshop’ system and the famous ‘Wallen’ area. Of  course you’ll get to see most of the 292 window brothels and the sex workers.

red light tour amsterdam walking


Some highlights during our Red Light District tours are: the raam bordelen, world’s first condom shop, the Old Church (Oude Kerk), Nieuwmarkt, China Town, cannabis shops (a.k.a coffeeshops), Prostitution Information Center, ‘smart shops‘, and much more great things. Our guides can also point you in the direction of the best, hidden places to tourists never see. Good local bars, great restaurants, fun to do tips, you name it.

Fox News listed this tour as one of the wackiest around the world.



2 | Amsterdam History Walking Tour

Amsterdam City Tours

Good to know: This is not only a history tour but also a super informative & fun city tour that explains a lot about Amsterdam and Dutch culture. Plus, the route is beautiful!

Subjects Amsterdam City Tour

Amsterdam is an old city with a fantastic, rich history that has determined the rest of the Netherlands and the world. But how old is Amsterdam actually? Did you know that the Netherlands was one of the richest countries in the world during the 17th-century? There was a Dutch company that was worth even more than Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Netflix, MacDonalds and Samsung combined!

Find out why Dutch people are so tolerant & liberal. Learn how such the Netherlands was/is one of the most important players in the world. Join our Amsterdam History Tour and learn everything about its fascinating history while taking one of the most beautiful routes in the city centre.

tours in amsterdam on the canal

Highlights Amsterdam City Tour

You’ll get to see the UNESCO canal-ring, Anne Frank Huis in Amsterdam, Westerkerk, Royal Palace, Amsterdam Stock ExchangeNew Church, Dam Square, Gay Monument and many other highlights. It’s hosted by licensed guides who were born and raised in the Netherlands. They speak perfectly English and are proud to show you Holland’s capital. This is not only a super informative and fun tour, but also a very healthy tour. You’ll burn 440 calories!

Availability, Prices & Reservations

These History Tours in Amsterdam are offered on Thursday’s, Friday’s en Saturday’s at 2 pm. They take approximately 1,45 hours and cost 17,50 euro per person.



3 | Amsterdam Drugs Tour

amsterdam drugs tour

This is probably one of the most special tours in Amsterdam. An exciting tour that you can do best in Amsterdam! During this walking tour, our local guides will teach you everything about legal and illegal drugs in the Netherlands. Get to know the interesting history of drugs in Amsterdam. Find out why the Dutch are so tolerant towards drugs, while exploring the beautiful city centre.

Drugs in Netherlands

things to do in Amsterdam
Did you know that Amsterdam used to have its own legal cocaine factory?


During our Amsterdam Drugs Tour you’ll learn all about the liberal Dutch drug policy, drug laws in Holland and our free addiction care. We’ll discuss all types of drugs: weed, hash, magic truffles, ecstasy, alcohol, cocaine, laughing gas, amphetamines, opium, etc.

Drugs and their effects

Our licensed guides explain the Dutch drugs laws, local prices, effects of the drugs, market size en popularity in Amsterdam. We’ll tell more about the biggest drug lords in the Netherlands as well.


Amsterdam Coffeeshop Tour
The average THC percentage of Dutch weed is 16.78%.

Get informed about the first cannabis shops in the world. Here why they are called ‘coffeeshops’. Did you know that Amsterdam has 164 coffeeshops? When and why were the coffeeshops introduced in Amsterdam? Which laws do coffeeshops need to follow? Why is allowed to buy and sell cannabis, but why is it still illegal to produce cannabis? We’ll tell you during our awesome Amsterdam Drugs Tour!

Smart shops in Amsterdam

amsterdam drugs tourism
A smart shop is a place that offers legal psychedelic drugs.

Did you know that magic truffles are legal in the Netherlands? Magic mushrooms – locally known as ‘paddo’s’ are illegal though. Did you know that only 7.2% of the Dutch use cannabis once per month? And did you know that in the Netherlands people can get illegal drugs (like XTC) tested legally on its content at legal drug testing centers?

This is one of those tours you have to do in Amsterdam! The Amsterdam Drugs Tour gives you a very interesting insight into the liberal drug situation in the Netherlands. A situation that won’t find elsewhere in the world. Join this fascinating tour, while exploring the best drug highlights in Amsterdam!

The Drug Tours in Amsterdam are offered on Thursday’s, Friday’s en Saturday’s. They take approximately 1,5 hours and cost 19,50 euro per person. Including a free sniff of cacao and a visit to a smart shop.

Bookable from 4 January 2020.



4 | Amsterdam Brothel Tour

amsterdam prostitute walking tour

What is like to be a prostitute? How does someone decide to work in the prostitution industry? And why is decriminalized prostitution even better than legal prostitution? What kind of men visit these places? How much does a prostitute in Amsterdam earn? Some prostitutes prefer to be called sex worker, why is this?

What’s a better way to get these (and many other) answers from a real prostitute as a tour guide?

This interesting Amsterdam Brothel Tour is hosted by a real sex worker in a beautiful brothel – next to the Heineken Brewery. There won’t be any real customers inside the brothel. Just you, the other participants of the tour, the guide and some staff-members.

Tours in Amsterdam Prostitute Tour Guide

Prostitution in Holland

You can ask the prostitute everything you’ve always wanted to know. No need to be shy. Ask whatever you want to know. Learn everything about legal prostitution in Holland. She will show you the entire brothel, including the club section where normally stripteases take place. And if you want, you can also show your best skills on the strip poles. Hear all the interesting secrets of real prostitutes.

These Brothels Tours in Amsterdam are hosted on Thursday’s, Friday’s en Saturday’s between 1 pm & 6 pm. They take 1 hour and cost 20 euro per person.



5 | Amsterdam Audio Tour

Amsterdam Audio Walking Tour

Would you like do a Red Light District tour without a group or a tour guide? Then this is for you!

We developed a travel app that allows you to get to know Amsterdam’s most fascinating neighborhood through stories from 22 experts. This app contains a super interesting audio tour in the De Wallen with real stories from locals prostitutes, historians, police offers, drugs experts, sociologists and many others. Even Louise and Martine Fokkens – a.k.a. the Fokkens Twins – are in it. They worked as prostitutes for 50 years!

FEBO netherlands red light
The CEO of the FEBO tells more about real Dutch snacks.

The app is called Amsterdam Audio Tours en includes a virtual guide, a map, GPS-tracking en dozens of beautiful pictures. Virtual audio guide Sophie will show you around in the Red Light District and will introduce you to 22 specialisten.

Highlights Amsterdam Tour App

You’ll see the whole De Wallenraam bordelen, ‘coffeeshops’, Oude Kerk., the FEBOChinatown, city’s oldest streets, a hidden church, beautiful canals, Nieuwmarkt, a peep show, magic truffle store, the Waag, narrow alleys, the Salvation Army, and much more!

audio tour app
Smart shop owner Veronique in the Red Light District.

If you want you can also just listen to these all interesting stories from home, your hotel or at the airport – just like a podcast. So, it is not perse necessary to be in the Red Light District of Amsterdam.

Availability, Prices & Downloads

The app Amsterdam Audio Tours is always available and can it can always be listened to. It costs just 4,99 eurocontains dozens of photos and more than 100 minutes of audio.



6 | Amsterdam Weed Boat Tour

Amsterdam Weed Boat Tour

It’s always great to see Amsterdam from the water. Whether you have seen it once or very often, it is different every time. But it’s always beautiful!

There are many  tours in Amsterdam from different companies with which you can admire the beautiful canals and the great Dutch architecture. Small boats, big boats, open and closed deck boats. But there are not so many companies that offer boat tours on which you are allowed to smoke cannabis while exploring the canal ring. During this typical Amsterdam boat trip you can bring your own legal weed or hash and enjoy smoking a joint. Don’t forget to buy it beforehand because they are not allowed to sell it on the boats. In the Netherlands it is only allowed to buy cannabis in ‘coffeeshops‘.

Of course the atmosphere on the boat is very pleasant and relaxed. The staff is friendly and the other young passengers are always laid-back and in for a chat. The proud captain and the host like to explain things about the city, so don’t hesitate to ask questions.

The Amsterdam Weed Boat Tour cost 25 euro, has a duration of 60 to 70 minutes en it includes one drink. You can choose between a Dutch beer, French wine of soda. The boat is also equipped with a toilet.

Bookable from 19 January 2020!

7 | Amsterdam Cycling Tour

Amsterdam Bike Tour
Enjoying the view on Amsterdam’s Skinny Bridge is a must-do!

Cycling in Amsterdam is really not as scary as it all seems. It is not for nothing that all Amsterdammers have a bicycle that they use every day. With a bicycle you can see so much more of the city. These are just a few reasons why we would recommend doing a bike tour in Amsterdam. And believe us, the locals immediately recognize tourists by bike and will therefore take that into account by giving space.

During the Amsterdam Cycling Tour you’ll be accompanied by a local guide who’ll teach you basic things about riding a bike in Amsterdam. After a quick introduction, the guide will bring you to some of the best highlights in the city. You’ll also be educated about Amsterdam itself, Dutch people and the liberal culture in the Netherlands.

During the tour you will see the aspects of the different neighborhoods in Amsterdam which all have their own character. Especially when it’s dry or sunny, this tour is highly recommended.



8 | Amsterdam Canal Cruise

blue boat company canal cruise
The canal cruise on the Herengracht in Amsterdam.

Do you prefer a canal cruise where people don’t smoke (cannabis)? Then this is an excellent choice!

During this 75-minute boat tour you’ll get to see the Anne Frank Huis in Amsterdam, the Seven Bridges, the Wester Church, the house of Amsterdam’s mayor, the UNESCO protected canals, the wonderful Dutch bridges and much more. Stare relaxed out the window, watch all those people cycle through the city, view the beautiful old buildings and enjoy your well-deserved vacation.

Wist je dat that boats in Amsterdam do not have a fixed berth in the city? Locals often claim a boat spot by hanging a sign with the name of their boat on the side of the canals.



9 | Amsterdam Windmill Tour

windmills netherlands zaanse schans

Whoever says the Netherlands, say windmills. This is one of those tours in Amsterdam where you get to see some of the most beautiful windmills in the whole country.

Near Holland’s capital there are a few smaller, cute places that are called Volendam, Marken en Zaanse Schans. These villages are known for delicious fish, tasty cheese, beautiful windmills, traditional clogs en a Dutch appearance.

During this half-day trip you’ll get to see a bit of Holland’s countryside. Some of the highlights include: entrance to historic windmill, ferry boat ride between Volendam & Marken (only in the summer), watch how clogs are made, see Dutch fishing boats and a cheese factory.

Goed om te weten: Sure you can visit these places on your own – without doing a guided tour, but Volendam, Marken and Zaanse Schans do not have a train station. It’s quite difficult to go here by public transport. It’s much easier and more educational to go there with a guided tour. Therefor we recommend to do this Amsterdam Windmill Tour.



10 | Amsterdam Food Tour

Soon online and bookable.

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    The Drugs Tours seems very interesting indeed. I love the pragmatic approach of the Dutch like with the coffeeshops and legal drug testing. So clever. I’ll visit Amsterdam in April this year. Just booked that drugs tour, see you then guys.

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