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20 Pictures Of Rembrandt Van Rijn in Amsterdam

Posted on: oktober 27, 2014
20 pictures of famous Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn in Amsterdam.

Rembrandt Van Rijn – The Inventor Of The Selfie! Rembrandt van Rijn is one of the best painters in history. Known for many paintings that he made during his lifetime. Most people are familiar with his masterpiece, the “Night Watch”. Some people know him as the “master of light & shadow”. But only a few […]

DJ’s perform in Red Light District during ADE

Posted on: oktober 13, 2014
Several international DJ's will perform in Amsterdam's Red Light District during the Amsterdam Dance Event.

Legendary DJ’s will be playing a two hour set in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. Dutch festivals, DJs and clubs are worldwide known: the work of pioneers and visionaries. A tribute to the history of the Dutch club culture is being brought during Red Bull Studios PLAY ROOMS. Eight legendary DJs representing four iconic clubs: the mothership […]

Tip from a Local: Go see the Zuiderkerk Church in Amsterdam

Posted on: september 10, 2014

Fun to do in Amsterdam: Go visit the Zuiderkerk Church! Alright, so this church isn’t located in Amsterdam’s Red Light District, but it’s close by – It’s 10 minutes away from the Red Light District. Amsterdam has a couple of churches which are absolutely worth visiting and the Zuiderkerk Church is definitely one of them! […]

The Organ of The Old Church in the Red Light District is getting a Restoration

Posted on: september 5, 2014
The Organ of The Old Church in the Red Light District is getting a Restoration

Join the organ restoration in Amsterdam’s Old Church This month The Old Church in Amsterdam’s Red Light District will start with the restoration of its large Vater-Müller organ. The organ will be brought back to it’s former glory allowing it to keep going for at least another 300 years. On September 13, the restoration starts […]

20 Amazing Pictures of Amsterdam’s Red Light District

Posted on: augustus 28, 2014

These 20 pictures of Amsterdam’s Red Light District will blow your mindTable of ContentsThese 20 pictures of Amsterdam’s Red Light District will blow your mind1) Amsterdam’s beautiful canals, houses and boats:2) Red Light District Street Art & Some Window Shoppers:3) Some boats sailing towards the Sea Dike in Amsterdam:4) The biggest traditional Chinese temple of Europe:5) A statue […]

The Open Day at Amsterdam’s Red Light District looked like this:

Posted on: augustus 25, 2014

Open Day in Amsterdam Red Light District A great initiative, whereby people could have a peek inside window brothels, peepshows, Casa Rosso and much more. This initiative was organized by Mariska Majoor, founder of the Prostitution Information Center. It attracted thousands of people, mostly Dutch, who wanted to learn more about this fascinating area in […]

The Old Church Tower in Amsterdam

Posted on: augustus 24, 2014
The view from The Old Church Tower in Amsterdam

Fun to do in Amsterdam: Go climb The Old Church Tower in the Red Light District One of the special things that Amsterdam’s Red Light District has to offer, is the beautiful Old Church. It stands in the heart of the Red Light District and is surrounded by window brothels, bars restaurants and shops. What makes […]

The Mayor of Amsterdam approach to prostitution

Posted on: augustus 20, 2014
Amsterdam's Mayor Eberhard van der Laan and his view on prostitution in the Red Light District.

Eberhard van der Laan’s approach to prostitution in Amsterdam Mayor Eberhard van der Laan: “Amsterdam’s Red Light District is world famous. Prostitution will always be part of the city. But some things have to change. We cannot tolerate exploitation and human trafficking. Prostitutes must be able to do their work safely, healthy and in freedom. Operators […]

10 Tips For Hot Summer Days in Amsterdam

Posted on: juli 16, 2014
10 tips for hot summer days in Amsterdam

How To Spend The Summer In Amsterdam What are the best things to do during the summers in Holland’s capital? These are 10 great tips during a hot summer in Amsterdam. Why Go? Holland’s capital works its fairy-tale magic in many ways: via the gabled Golden Age buildings, the glinting boat-filled canals, friendly people, liberalism […]

10x Amsterdam Red Light District Do’s and Don’ts

Posted on: juli 14, 2014
10 do's and don'ts for Amsterdam's Red Light District

10 Amsterdam Red Light District Do’s and Don’ts If you’re going to visit Holland’s capital then you should not miss the Red Light District. It’s the most interesting part in town and it represents the liberal & openminded Dutch culture. Nowhere else in the world one can find window brothels in opposite of a church, […]