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Laughing Gas in Amsterdam

Posted on: juni 26, 2014

Laughing gas and drug use in Amsterdam

(This article was last updated on the 18th of December, 2018.)

Partygoers Are Massively Using Laughing Gas in Amsterdam

While only 3% used laughing gas in 2008 in Amsterdam, in 2013 that figure had risen to 33%. Across the board, clubbers and alternative party visitors use more laughing gas in Amsterdam than before. This is evident from the annual survey by the University of Amsterdam and Jellinek at the trends in alcohol, tobacco and drug use, which are being presented today.

More than half of the surveyed clubbers admitted to having used an XTC pill last month. Which is more than double compared to five years ago. Also, amphetamines are making a comeback, the use of GHB has doubled and laughing gas has become a real craze.

Laughing gas in Amsterdam and XTC are popular

Laughing Gas Is Popular At Special Events in Amsterdam

There is a large laughing gas trade, whereby suppliers walk around in Amsterdam with cartridges and balloons; mostly during festivals and major events like King’s Day and the Canal Parade. These events attracts a lot of people. Most of them are just drinking alcohol and not using drugs. But still a large number of people do alcohol and drugs on parties in Amsterdam. At some parties, bars can be found where laughing gas is the only thing on offer. There are also delivery services where you can buy laughing gas online, with the guaranty it will be delivered the same evening.

Laughing gas is not forbidden, but it is forbidden to sell it with the aim to use it as a drug. Someone who uses laughing gas in the Netherlands cannot be prosecuted.

Source: http://www.jellinek.nl/promotion/resultaten-antenne-onderzoek-2013/

Smart Shops in Amsterdam

Fun fact: Did you know that magic truffles are allowed to be sold and used in the Netherlands? They’re are offered in so called “Smart Shops”. You’ve probably heard a lot of bad stories about magic mushrooms. Thing is though, when you know how to take them, the trip can be actually really good. A lot of people use them wrongly by combining them with cannabis or alcohol. First rule of magic mushrooms is: Don’t combine them with cannabis or alcohol! When you’d take them the way they should be taken, you’ll experience colors more intense, feel a bit light, laugh a lot, etc. The effects can be compared with cannabis, but a bit more intense.

More Useful Information About Drugs in the Netherlands

CLICK HERE to read 10 tips for using drugs in Amsterdam. Did you know that magic mushrooms are not addictive? Also, having magic mushrooms legal in the Netherlands doesn’t mean everybody takes them. 95% of the people who we know have never tried them, ever!

There are a bunch of smart shops in the Red Light District. CLICK HERE to see how they look like.

If you’d like to know more about the Dutch drug culture, regulations and fun facts then we’d recommend joining our tours. You’ll be amazed how your vision on the Dutch drug culture is different as the reality 🙂


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  1. Roxy schreef:

    Hi there
    I am a regular visitor to Amsterdam and would love to find somewhere, especially a coffee shop that sells laughing gas.
    Do you know any?



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