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10 Dingen Die Je Altijd Al Wilde Weten Over High Class Escorts

Posted on: maart 10, 2022

black and white photo of a woman lying on bed in her lingerie and showing her high heels

Ultimate High Class Escort Guide 2023


a black and white image of a woman on bed with only showing her contour

Een high class escort is een professionele metgezel die een verscheidenheid aan sociale en persoonlijke diensten aan klanten biedt in ruil voor een financiële vergoeding. Deze diensten kunnen gezelschap, conversatie, intimiteit en andere activiteiten omvatten die kunnen worden overeengekomen tussen de escort en de cliënt. High class escorts zijn over het algemeen goed opgeleid, welbespraakt en goed verzorgd, en kunnen gewild zijn bij klanten die op zoek zijn naar een verfijnde en luxueuze ervaring. Het is belangrijk op te merken dat escortservices niet hetzelfde zijn als prostitutie en dat de wet ze op veel plaatsen anders behandelt. Deelnemen aan illegale activiteiten, inclusief prostitutie, is not condoned or encouraged.

Wat kost een high class escort?

a white woman in lingerie bending and looking out a window in a white, modern room

Als het gaat om de kosten van het inhuren van een high class escort, variëren de prijzen afhankelijk van het soort diensten en de gevraagde tijd. High class escorts kunnen doorgaans variëren van 200 tot 500 euro per uur, maar 2 uur wordt vaak aangeboden voor 700 euro. De kosten van een high class escort weerspiegelen hun prestige in de branche, aangezien dergelijke sekswerkers een unieke combinatie van fysieke schoonheid, professionaliteit en seksualiteit bezitten die van waarde is.

Boek High Class Escort

an attractive woman pulling her lingerie up from her legs

Hoe een dame van betaalde liefde boeken? Welnu, het vinden van eersteklas escortservices in Amsterdam is eenvoudig. Dankzij highclassescortsamsterdam.com, boek online high class escorts die u kunnen vergezellen in hotel, diner of feest. Dit escort agency bieden een verscheidenheid aan diensten en u kunt zelfs hun website opzoeken om de beste escort te vinden die bij u past. Al hun escorts zijn van hoge klasse en hebben jarenlange ervaring in het voorzien van klanten van hoogwaardig gezelschap tijdens diners, feesten en andere speciale evenementen. Of het nu een romantische setting is of een zakelijk doel, highclassescortsamsterdam.com heeft de beste escorts die ervoor zorgen dat jullie tijd samen zo aangenaam mogelijk is.

What does an escort earn?

A woman with black hair showing her body on a white bed

Their work is challenging and pays well. A high class escort earns at least 100 euros net per hour, but usually much more.” This is evident from a Dutch interview with the owner of a high class escort company in The Netherlands.

This is what the life of a high class escort looks like?

Being a high-class escort is far from what one might commonly envision. It’s not just men taking advantage of a quick sexual encounter with a privileged woman. In reality, it involves wealthy men seeking companionship, paying for the luxury of having considerate and interesting company while traveling to exotic destinations. An escort will accompany men on trips as well as dinners at expensive restaurants in hotels and private locations. Not only do these escorts provide physical pleasure, but they are also paid by men to talk about anything of interest, to discuss and share ideas, or simply be a part of special events. Being an escort provides an opportunity to experience life in the lap of luxury; however, it is also a job that should not be taken lightly since sex and expensive entertainment often come with it.

What’s the difference between a high class escort and a normal escort?

High class escorts are typically those who embody quality, luxury, and sophistication. They offer escort services to wealthy and affluent individuals in high-end settings involving glamorous activities such as attending galas or accompanying someone on a business trip. The cost of these escort services also tends to be higher due to the personalized attention and discreet conversations they provide. By contrast, a normal escort provides escort services of a more general nature in standard settings like a bar or club at an affordable price. It is important to note that both types of escort provide their clients with companionship, but with very different experiences.

What do high class escorts want to be called?

A high class escort is an accepted name in the sex industry. It is also fine and proper to use a sex worker. Another common term is ‘lady’. For example, employees of escort agencies sometimes ask customers: What kind of lady are you looking for?

Never call a high class escort a whore or hooker. That is not appreciated because it is disrespectful and unkind.

What kind of women are high class escorts?

The ‘high class escort industry’ is not always what it seems, is what Van der Velden wants to say. For example, ladies who are attracted to prostitution is not one type of woman. ,,It can be both hockey girls and glamor girls, even from the television world. However, all ladies can separate sex from love, very important in this profession.

What do women like so much about this escort work?

De Cosmopolitan also spoke to a high class escort in The Netherlands and asked this sex worker the same question, to which she replied:

Excitement, adventure and eroticism. No booking is the same. You experience incredibly special things, meet different people from different cultures who sometimes also have quite exciting erotic preferences. That makes it very nice for me to be a high class escort.

Another well-known Dutch media company also spoke to a high class escort, who said this:

“I’ve always been very curious about sexuality. It’s great to be able to experiment in this way. Moreover, I find it very exciting to have a kind of secret double identity. During the day I am an ambitious medical student, at night I visit dressed up in the fanciest hotels on my stilettos. The tension that comes with such a blind date over and over again is addictive.”


Being a high class escort has its numerous advantages.

  • Having freedom and independence
  • The ability to make money and receive tips while travelling
  • Going to dinner
  • Meeting interesting people makes it an enjoyable job with amazing people and fun experiences.
  • Free accommodation, meals, shopping money and sometimes even flights as part of your job
  • Exciting work


a woman's butt and a black thong

Being a high class escort has a number of potential downsides. Most notably, there is stigma associated with the profession, leaving those in it at risk of societal judgement, making their double life something people aren’t necessarily comfortable to talk about. This secret lifestyle can also cause emotional harm as keeping that big of a secret from loved ones can weigh heavily on one’s mind and soul. Additionally, being an escort can be just as addictive as any other work, drawing people towards the money, power and excitement sex work brings. Furthermore, there are risks of STD’s or worse when engaging in such encounters; even with precautionary measures it is impossible to completely rule out any danger. Being an escort is often a lonely job too – whether single or married, they are almost always alone during working hours while their family and friends go about their normal lives back home. To conclude, while world-class escorts receive plenty of luxury perks, they also have to face these six to nine disadvantages listed above.


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