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New Dutch Public Transport Tourist Pass Test Launch This Summer

Posted on: april 13, 2016

Amsterdam Tram - Dutch Public Transport Tourist Pass

Dutch Public Transport Tourist Pass Test Starts This Summer

Prior to the definitive launch of a new national Dutch public transport tourist pass there will be a one-year test period. The testing period will probably begin before the summer of 2016.

Streamlining Tourist Transportation

This was penned in a letter to the parliament, written by state secretary Dijksma (infrastructure and environment). The letter further contained information about the progress in streamlining public transport for tourists. Earlier in the year Dijksma had already promised that the special tourist pass would be made available this year. Dutch political parties VVD (conservative/ liberal) and D66 (social-liberal/ progressive) insisted that there should be a tourist pass.

Two Tourist Pass Options

Dutch Public Transport Tourist Pass

There will be two variants of the Dutch public transport tourist pass: a day pass valid from 09:00 in the morning and one that lasts all day. The all-day pass will cost 59,- euros. The pass from 09:00 will be priced at 39,- euros. With this pricing strategy the government hopes to spare the morning rush. Both passes will allow tourists to travel throughout Holland. All public transportation will be accessible: bus, subway, tram and train. The passes aren’t exclusively for tourists according to Dijksma. Other travelers can also use the new tourist pass system.

More Tourist Passes

Dutch Public Transport Tourist Pass in Amsterdam

A year after introduction sales, prices and ease of use will all be evaluated. The main goal of the evaluation will be to further develop the pass and possible corresponding products. According to the state secretary transporters are already looking into introducing regional products, thus expending the service.

Tourist Passes in Amsterdam

Here in Amsterdam we already have two passes specially developed for tourists: the travel ticket, consisting of a return ticket between the Schiphol and Amsterdam train stations and a day pass for the public transport within the municipality, and the Amsterdam and Region Travel Ticket. With the second pass tourists can travel by bus, tram and subway to the countryside, for example, the Zaanse Schans of Volendam.


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