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Amsterdam Mayor Will Work In Window Brothel

Posted on: april 1, 2021

amsterdam mayor red light district

Amsterdam Mayor To Increase Knowledge About Prostitution

The Amsterdam mayor will work in a window brothel for one night to learn more about sex work. Many sex workers believe that the current mayor knows too little about sex work and therefore makes serious mistakes that have a negative impact on sex workers in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Windows Brothels
Amsterdam, Oudezijds Achterburgwal

To learn more about sex work, the mayor of the Dutch capital promised to work in a window brothel for one night. She will do an internship with a sex worker who has 15 years of experience in Amsterdam Red Light District.

‘Hopefully this sex worker can inform me about prostitution so that I can make better decisions. I want to learn everything!’, states the Amsterdam mayor.

window prostitution
Window brothels in the Red Light District.

The Amsterdam mayor has the idea of developing an erotic center outside the Dutch capital. Her idea originated pre-corona. She thinks that prostitutes are responsible for the hustle and bustle in the city center. Sex workers do not want a relocation of the Red Light District nor an erotic center elsewhere. They’re satisfied with their own current workplace in the Amsterdam Red Light District. They actually benefit from many visitors and indicate that prostitutie has always taken place in this neighbourhood.

Trompettersteeg. Amsterdam’s most narrow alley.

A common complaint is that decisions are made about sex workers without their involvement. Sex workers also believe that politicians have too little understanding of sex work.

Project One-Night Stand

To learn more about one of world’s oldest professions, the Amsterdam mayor will work in a window brothel for one night.

Amsterdam Wallen District

She hopes this will give her a better insight into the life of an Amsterdam window prostitute. The mayor will do a one-night internship and is supervised by April F. – a sex worker who does not want her full name to be published. April F. is also against the idea of creating an erotic center elsewhere.

The project is called a one-night stand and everybody is welcome participate. The more respondents there will be, the more reliable the result. The Amsterdam mayor will be working in a window brothel on the Amsterdam Red Light District famous street in September, 2021.

Leather Outfit, Sex Toys & A Whip

red light district amsterdam window

April F. will buy her necessary items like a leather outfit, new sex toys and a whip. During her nocturnal internship, the mayor will be taught everything about prostitution in Amsterdam. Including how she can best seduce men.

‘I am going to show the Amsterdam mayor that possible nuisance is not caused by sex workers. If the local government want less crowds in this area in the future, the visitors should be spread out by opening more window brothels in the city centre. Preferably in entertainment areas such as the Red Light District, like Rembrandtplein and Leidse Square.’

Amsterdam mayor erotic center
Oudezijds Achterburgwal.

How To Become A Sex Worker

Sex worker April F. indicates that she did not receive any help at all from the government during her time in the business. She has gained all her knowledge and experience herself, in practice.

amsterdam red light district open

The Amsterdam sex worker explains:

‘It is strange that there is an exit program for prostitutes in the Netherlands but not a “how-to-become-a-sex-worker program”. There are plenty of people who want to practice this profession out of free will, but they do not receive any help from the government. Only when they want to step out of business. And that while we’re also registered entrepreneurs who pay tax. Politicians should engage more with sex workers!’

de wallen
Oude Kerk Square and the Oudezijds Voorburgwal.

Amsterdam Mayor Loses Popularity

Many Amsterdammers think it is a bad idea to open an erotic center outside the city. It would be an unnecessary, unsafe and expensive idea according to most. The idea of the Amsterdam mayor arose because some (new) residents of the De Wallen complained about the number of visitors, pre-corona.

Amsterdam night

‘If you don’t like busyness, you should not be living in the most visited part of the Netherlands. There are plenty of quiet villages in our country!’, said a local resident.

The Amsterdam mayor hopes to gain popularity and trust through this internship with a sex worker. This makes her the first mayor in the world to do a practical internship in a brothel. In her latest statement, the Amsterdam mayor indicates that she is looking forward to Project One-Night Stand:

‘I’m delighted that April F. wants to educate me. She said that I can cum anytime I want.’


This piece was published on 1 April 2021. It’s an April Fools joke.



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