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Top 10 Dutch Fries in Amsterdam

Posted on: januari 2, 2023

Picture source: Elle.nl

Top 10 Dutch Fries According To Amsterdammers

Crispy, greasy, salty and with a good lick of mayonnaise: some Dutch fries once in a while is never a bad idea! But where can you find the tastiest and best fries in Amsterdam? Readers of Amsterdam newspaper Het Parool massively tipped its editors with their favorite Dutch fries.

Amsterdam East at IJburg

1 | Eiburgh Snacks

Locals say: “The ‘Grandpa’ is peeling by hand everyday.” “Do not expect service or neat decoration, but very good fries. The best fries in Amsterdam”

Eiburgh Snacks says: “At our snackbar, the eighty-year-old Jules from Belgium peels potatoes with a lot of attention and love, which we cut into our fries, and the potatoes are a bit smaller now, so there are a lot of small, crunchy pieces in between. Fries with meat stew are very popular, and the Belgians often find it better than at home.”

Adres: Zuiderzeeweg 2
Opening times: daily 11:00-18:45

Best fries in Amsterdam at Eiburgh Snacks
Coolest looking snack bar in Amsterdam: Eiburgh Snacks. Picture source: Yelp.nl.

Amsterdam North

2 | Pont Neuf

Locals say: “Beautiful golden colour, with Belgian mayonnaise for the purists.” “Homemade, fantastically fried in clean oil.”

Snackbar Pont Neuf says: “My brother and I always say to our employees: you are as good as your last sold fries, so we keep our quality high. We are more of a fries specialist than a snack bar. We bake are own cut fries made from biological Agria potatoes in good quality vegetable oil. And we get a good response: we often hear that people grabbed the ferry just to buy our fries. I always say: regular customers say something about your quality; new customers say something about your growth.”

Adres: Buiksloterweg 5
Opening times: daily 10:00-21:00

Best fries in Amsterdam at Pont Neuf
Pont Neuf is located across the IJ river behind Amsterdam Central Station. Picture source: Twitter.com.

Amsterdam New West

3 | De Patatzaak / Molen van Sloten

Locals say: “Debbie makes great fries!” “Not those large weak Belgian fries, but those crispy fries.”

The Patat shop says: “Belgian fries? Those can’t be made with Dutch potatoes. We use “Bintjes” potatoes, those are just a little sweeter than Agria’s, I like them better, a little less dry. We cut them 10 mm, not too thick, not too thin, baked nice and crispy. We’ve been here for sixteen years, with a nice terrace with a view of the windmill, those are the added bonuses, and the love we put in of course!”

Adres: Langsum 5
Opening times: daily 11:30-20:30

Best fries in Amsterdam at De Patatzaak : Molen van Sloten
A wintery night at De Patatzaak / Molen van Sloten. Picture source: De Patatzaak.

Amsterdam North

4 | Het Smikkelhoekje

Locals say: “Good, crispy fries.” “No-nonsense, the employees are down to earth.”

Snackbar The Smikkelhoekje says: “You can tell us whether you want your fries well done or not, we do not use special potatoes, even a dirty potato can be baked into something really tasteful, so it does not make a difference. Our “patatje oorlog” (war fries; fries with mayonnaise, satay sauce and shredded unions) are the most popular, we also use just ready-to-use satay sauce from Wijcko, which people absolutely love.”

Adres: Meeuwenlaan 185
Opening times: Mon – Fri 11:00 – 21:00, Sat 13:00 – 20:00, Sun 13:00 – 23:00

Best fries in Amsterdam at the Smikkelhoekje
A large terrace at Smikkelhoekje: picture source: Smikkelhoekje.nl.

Amsterdam East

5 | Freddy Fryday

Locals say: “A think-out-of-the-box fries joint.” “Delicious, original toppings” “Best fries in Amsterdam.” “Crispy and fresh.”

Freddy Fryday says: “Every two months our menu changes: then we have other toppings on our fries. they are a kind of kapsalon with pulled pork on it for instance, that’s our most sold type.” We also have ordinary fries with mayo of course. we bake all our fries in expensive oil.”

Adres: Linnaeusstraat 36
Opening times: Mon and Tue 17:00-21:00, Wed and Thu 12:00-21:00, Fri and Sat 12:00-22:00, Sun 13:00-21:00

Best fries in Amsterdam at Freddy Fryday
For some creative fries combination svisit Freddy Fryday. Picture source: Freddyfryday.nl.

Amsterdam City Centre

6 | Snackbar Vleminckx

Locals say: “Blessed fresh fries.” “Crispy and tasty inside, you can wake me up at night for them! Delicious!” “Some of the best fries in Amsterdam.”

Vleminckx says: “Our secret? Fresh every day, Freshly cut, freshly prepared, we do it with love. Popular is our patatje oorlog, but the Vleminckx house-sauce and our Belgian mayonnaise are also doing well. We bake real Belgian fries, which start at 16 millimetres, everything that is underneath is French fries.”

Adres: Voetboogstraat 33
Opening times: Sun and Mon 12:00-19:00, Tue, Wed, Fri and Sat 11:00-19:00, Thu 11:00-20:00

Best fries in Amsterdam at Vleminckx
Expect a line because the Dutch fries from Vleminckx are quite popular. Picture source: Het Parool.

Amsterdam West

7 | Snackbar Zwagers

Locals say: “Baked in the skin, and the peanut sauce is top notch!” “You can moor with your boat close by.” “Homemade, busy and delicious, best fries in Amsterdam”

Zwagers says: “Quality, sustainability and pleasure come first with us, we use a fresh potatoes, delivered by the potato farmer from Amsterdam, and we find it important to use the entire product and try to waste as little as possible. In addition, we sell chicken sate and burgers, which come from the local butcher.”

Adres: Bos en Lommerplantsoen 2
Opening times: daily 11:00-20:30

Best fries in Amsterdam at Zwagers
Easy access with your boat at Zwagers. Picture source: Amsterdam-athome.nl.

Amsterdam East

8) Vita’s Friet

Locals say: “Nice to the very bottom of the bag.” “Crispy on the outside, soft inside.” “The big red stall can’t be missed.”

Vita’s Friet says: “We buy dirty potatoes and clean them ourselves. Yes, that is quite a bit of work but you get a lot in return. You taste the pure, Dutch potato. Cleaning goes on all day long. If you turn up at the market around 4:00 pm, you’ll still have fresh fries. How I prepare them? Pre-fry once, bake them once, otherwise the fries will be fat and dry. I often work with Agria’s, but currently with Frieslanders. It all depends on what the farmer has, but after all these years I know exactly which potato needs what.”

Adres: Dappermarkt
Opening times: 
daily 11:00-16:30

Vita's Friet Mokum
Vita’s brings fries to the people. Picture source: Het Parool.

Amsterdam South

9 | Frietsteeg

Locals say: “This is what you do a cycle detour for.” “Sauce is served separately, so the fries remain crispy.” “Best fries in Amsterdam.”

Frietsteeg says: “It can get pretty busy here, especially on Friday, because that’s really “friesday”. But if we have the time we talk with our customers. In Amsterdam old-south there are mostly elderly people who are looking for some contact, so we make a chat. We once started with plastic fries containers, but that really started to bother us. That is why all our trays, small- and big bags are now made from biodegradable material, which feels much better.”

Adres: Stadionkade 73
Opening times: daily 12:00-21:00

Frietsteeg Dutch Food Holland
The award for best looking snackbar building goes to: Friesteeg. Picture source: Pom-magazine.nl.

Amsterdam West

10 | Snackbar Doardi

Locals say: “Crispy, golden brown, lots of crunchy edges and they have a wide choice of sauces” “Delicious” “Worth a detour.” “Best fries in Amsterdam.”

Doardi says: “People can go here for fresh fries and a traditional ice cream. I’m originally icemaker, later I started adding baked fries. For both apply: the quality is in the good raw materials and much care in the preparation of course. The shop is located at the main walk to the Westerpark, you can just sit down at one of the picnic benches on our terrace or take something with you for in the park.”

Adres: Van Limburg Stirumstraat 15
Opening times: 
Fri, Sat and Sun 12:00-21:30, Tue, Wed and Thurs 12:00-21:00

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