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Temple Bar Cafe

Posted on: juli 14, 2023

Temple Bar Cafe in Amsterdam

 Temple Bar Cafe in Amsterdam’s Red Light District

The Temple Bar Cafe’s interior looks as if nothing’s changed since the 1960-ies. As it is located at a corner, it has windows at 2 sides, so you can see the people pass by. And that’s always good for an hour watching, plus it’s free! I saw “Jesus” in a training suite and several pretty women walking by.
When you take a seat at the terrace, you have a wonderful view of Amsterdam’s Nieuwmarkt. Go sit here and be entertained by the beauty of The Waag, the wonderful architecture of the buildings and people on bicycles maneuvering around obstacles. The terrace of Temple Bar Cafe has heaters, which is really comfortable for those colder days.

This is how the Temple Bar in Amsterdam used to look like. Great historical pic of the Red Light District as well.
This is how the Temple Bar Cafe in  the Red Light District used to look like.

We were served by a Polish waiter, who was really friendly. He served us in an instant. He complimented us on having a beautiful camera, which was a Petri 7S. We’ve had a short chat about analog camera’s. He told us, he has an analog stereo camera, which makes amazing pictures. We ordered a latte macchiato and a mint tea. The macchiato was great, unfortunately the tea wasn’t served with fresh mint.

Panini: € 6,-
Chocolate croissant: € 3,-
Tuna Melt: € 6,-
Sangria: € 4,-

An absolutely disadvantage of Temple Bar Cafe is that all customers have to pay 50 cents to use the toilet. That includes the customers who already had some drinks or snacks. There isn’t even a way to sneak inside the toilets without paying, because you have to go to metal doors which only open when inserting 50 cents. I’ve never seen a bar before where customers, who’ve already ordered some drinks, had to pay to use the toilet. It’s ridiculous!

The atmosphere at Temple Bar Cafe is easy going and the location is great. It’s a 15 minute walk from Amsterdam’s Central Station.

Did you visit the Temple Bar Car in Amsterdam before? Let the world know how it was, by posting a comment below.
Or CLICK HERE to check out one of the oldest ice-cream parlors in Amsterdam. It’s located just next to the Temple bar cafe.

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