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Coffeeshop La Tertulia

Posted on: augustus 18, 2016

Amsterdam Coffeeshop La Tertulia Prinsengracht

This picture of coffeeshop La Tertulia on the Prinsengracht was taken on 18 August 1992 –  24 years ago. La Tertulia has been here since 1983! This cozy cannabis shop is owned and operated by a mother and daughter and has been a family business from the beginning. La Tertulia was one of the first coffeeshops in Amsterdam, helping to shape coffeeshop culture in the Netherlands. Some people don’t realize it but the cannabis shops in Amsterdam have around for 41 years now! The very first one was opened in 1972 on a street called Weesperzijde – it was coffeeshop Mellow Yellow but that one didn’t have an official license to sell weed or hash. Unfortunately, this Mellow Yellow doesn’t exist anymore – it closed it doors in 1978.

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