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Cafe de Prael

Posted on: juni 9, 2023

Cafe de Prael in Amsterdam

Cafe de Prael, an hidden diamond in the Red Light District

This cafe/ shop is one awesome place in Amsterdam! Why you ask? Alright, here it goes:

  • It’s perfectly located
  • Great variety in local brewed beers and liquors.
  • High quality products
  • It has a shop and a bar
  • Friendly personnel
  • The interior is awesome
  • It has its own brewery inside the shop


Let’s start off with the location. De Prael is located in Amsterdam’s Red Light District, just 3 minutes away from Central Station. And therefor also ideal for having your first or last beer in Amsterdam. Stay away from those expensive bars on Damrak street or Dam Square, they all serve overpriced drinks. Rather go to Cafe De Prael! Also perfect for buying a souvenir, by the way!

Address: Oudezijds Voorburgwal 30

Cafe de Prael has many local beers from Amsterdam
Here’s a selection of their own-brewed beers.

Cafe de Prael is full of local booze from Amsterdam. This is local gin (or Jenever).
Local brewed gin, which the Dutch know as  “jenever”.


This is Dutch gin, also known as jenever. It’s a typical Dutch treat. It’s loved among men. But, as gin is getting more popular these days (mostly caused by the mix Gin & Tonic), more women start drinking jenever too. The gin above is Johnny Red Label and it contains 38% alcohol. An employee of Cafe De Prael told us that this particular gin is made of leftovers from beer. It is brewed in Amsterdam by a small brewery which went bankrupt. This was the last batch they’ve  made and therefor unique.

We’ve bought a bottle of jenever and made sure that it was getting a well-deserved goodbye. We decided that we should shoot one last awesome picture of this gin from Amsterdam. So, this is what we’ve shot:

Delicious bottle of Dutch gin in Amsterdam's Red Light District. Oude Kolk op de Wallen.
Buildings, Booze and Boobs… Amsterdam’s Red Light District has it!

If you’re into gin, then we could recommend to buy this one. It will not be made anymore by that small brewery in Amsterdam. And the good thing about gin is, that you can preserve it for the rest of you life if you want too.

A micro beer brewery in the Red Light District

More local beers in Cafe de Prael.
More tasteful beers!

So, what else is great about Cafe de Prael?
Well, it has its own brewery. This pretty unique for a cafe in Amsterdam. Actually, De  Prael is the only place in the Red Light District which has its own brewery. They’ve installed the tanks here in May 2014.

Cafe de Prael in the Red Light District even has an own brewery.

De Prael is a social firm

Yeah, we would totally recommend this place! If you’re into beer or liquors (or you know somebody who is) then this is where you have to go to. Another thing that makes De Prael a cool place, is that it provides employment opportunities to people with mental illness. It has been a social firm since the year 2002.

So, when you go to Brewery de Prael you support a good company. A company which tries to make the world a better place.

They also have seasonly brewed beers, like a Herfstbock. Delicious!
De Prael offers a lot of special products. Like “Herfstbock”, a delicious beer for those cold days.


Real local beers from Amsterdam are the best ones! Get them at Cafe de Prael in the Red Light District.

More recommendations for the Red Light District:

In front of Cafe De Prael you’ll find Restaurant Paleis van de Weemoed. It’s a very good one which has great dinner show. CLICK HERE to check out our review.

Would you like us to guide you to this hidden diamond in the Red Light District? CONTACT US to get a local guide during your visit to Amsterdam. We can offer a Red Light District Tour with a beer tasting arrangement in this beer brewery.

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