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The Fault in Our Stars



Amsterdam Movie: The Fault In Our Stars

The film of the bestseller The Fault in Our Stars tells the poignant and tragic story about the life of Hazel (16) and Gus (17). These two teens have both a cynical sense of humor and a special outlook on life. Hazel is terminally ill and against all odds she met Gus at a support group for cancer patients. Slowly but surely there arises a special love between the two.


The Fault in Our Stars is recorded in Amsterdam and shows the most beautiful parts of the city. The film is reviewed with a 7.9 (out of 10) on IMDB.

‘Just watch it, I won’t try to ruin it for you here… Tissues are not optional, they are a must! And the casting is just perfect.’

This movie is absolutely realistic. My daughter has been fighting cancer for the past three years and this really hit home. I felt empathy and understanding throughout the entire movie. During my daughters fight with cancer we have witnessed young love between cancer patients and it truly is tragic and beautiful.

Read the book and loved it the film really did the book justice for a change. All too often Hollywood distorts the book but this was very well done and the actors were very endearing.’



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