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Red Light District

Meet the Fokkens


The twins tell amusing tales of how they came to be in prostitution, how they went into business for themselves, and how relationships in the world of prostitution have changed over the years. Their stories are full of spicy details about their customers, some of whom come from unexpected walks of life.

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Meet the Fokkens Documentary

Meet the Fokkens is an amazing film about famous Dutch twins who have worked as prostitutes for 50 years. The Fokkens are now 77 year old, retired recently and say that they enjoyed most of their time working in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. They met a lot of interesting and friendly men from all over the world. The Dutch ladies are very famous in Holland as it’s quite special that they have worked as prostitutes for such a long time, not to mention the fact that they are identical twins.

In Holland, the famous twin prostitutes are also known as the “ouwe hoeren”, which literally translated means: Old hookers. This is how Martine & Louise call themselves in public. What many people don’t know is that this has a double meaning in Dutch because, “ouwehoeren” can also refer to someone who talks a lot, which is also something that Martine & Louise like to do all the time.

“A good natured delve into Amsterdam’s famous and infamous red light district”. Meet the Fokkens is thoroughly entertaining and charming. A must see!


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