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Red Light District

Meet the Fokkens At the Red Light District


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Meet the Fokkens – Holland’s Most Famous Sex Workers

Martine & Louise are 74-year old Dutch twins who’ve worked as prostitutes for 50 years! They’ve experienced the Red Light District like no other. Since a few years, the Fokkens don’t “see” customers anymore – they’ve been retired. Nowadays, they’d like tell people what’s like to be a sex worker for 50 years by sharing their best stories! Louise: “It was always hard work – it’s not easy to do this job, you know! But…it was always honest work!

The Fokkens have written many books about themselves, but this the one that really describes their life in Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

About the book: Meet the Fokkens At the Red Light District

In this book the Fokkens leave nothing out, allowing the reader to learn about Holland’s most famous neighborhood. With their stories they enlighten us about: the ‘Bon Bon eater’, ‘Pimmetje the Runner’, ‘the Fucker’, and ‘the Turd’. Martine & Louise describe the funny and the sad side of prostitution – they tell the truth!

This book (Meet the Fokkens at the Red Light District) is full of anekdotes, pictures, fun facts and interesting stories. It also tells how Martine met her first husband  who also was her pimp and how the twins were the first ladies who bought their own brothel without the help of a pimp.

Meet the Fokkens – Where Are They Now?

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