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Amsterdamned DVD



Amsterdamned is a brilliant Dutch thriller and horror movie from 1988, written, directed and composed by Dick Maas.

Story of Amsterdamned

A psychopathic killer makes the canals of Amsterdam unsafe. He shows himself in the most unexpected times & places and makes one after another victim. There is an atmosphere of terror in Amsterdam. Police Detective Eric Visser of the Amsterdam police searches for the killer, but the investigation leads to nothing. Until Visser get the assistance of a diving club. As he met the handsome Laura. Laura and daughter of Eric get closer to the killer than the detective himself during his research.

Fun facts of Amsterdamned:

  • The film clearly shows that the Red Light District used to be a no-goarea in the 1980’s, with many derelict and boarded up buildings.
  • The budget of Amsterdamned was 2.72 million Euro
  • The Dutch rock-band Golden Earring wrote a song for this movie: “My Killer, My Shadow”. The fans were disappointed when it wasn’t selected by the director as title song.


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