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Red Light District

Amsterdam Birthday Calendar


✦ Type calendar: Birthday calendar
✦ Pages: 13
✦ Pictures: Amsterdam Red Light District (a.k.a. De Wallen)
✦ Months: January to December
✦ Usable: Daily, Monthly, Yearly
✦ Hangable: Yes
✦ Format: A4
✦ Sizes: 21 x 29,7 cm
✦ Weight: 220 gram
✦ Target Audience: Adults
✦ Periodic Classification: Month

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Amsterdam Birthday Calendar – Red Light District

With this birthday calendar you bring Amsterdam to your home. This beautiful new calendar shows a new picture of the Red Light District every month. These images were personally created by us and rated as the top 10 by our fans.

Birthday Calendar Purpose

The name says it all: you write down all birthdays so you don’t forget a birthday again.

amsterdam birthday calendar
Amsterdam’s Oudezijds Voorburgwal.

The birthday of your friends, your cousins, boss, or your aunt. But you can of course also use the birthday calendar to write down other important dates. The wedding day of your parents, for example. Or the day you started as a an entrepreneur, or the date of your grandfather’s death.

All those important data that you don’t want to forget. It offers an opportunity to give someone that little bit of extra attention. Just put the important data on your birthday calendar. That way you will never miss a special moment again!


Street art in front The Old Church.

With this super beautiful Amsterdam birthday calendar you will never forget a birthday. Super handy! This useful tool reminds you to send a message to a loved one. This way you show that you are thinking about them. The calendar can be hung anywhere. Another advantage is that this Amsterdam birthday calendar can be used again each year. That way you also save money. Nice to give to someone, but it’s even more fun to receive as a present.

birthday advent calendar
Window brothels on the famous street in De Wallen.

You don’t use a birthday calendar to write down normal appointments. This offers a clear overview, in contrast to a digital agenda in which birthdays and appointments are mixed up. This super cool birthday calendar provides happiness, wherever you put it or hang it. A digital diary is often boring and only intended for your eyes.

birthday calendar netherlands
A man disappears into the alley’s of the Red Light District.

On a paper birthday calendar you write down all birthdays and other important dates. And research shows that you remember things better if you write them down.

Red Light District

amsterdam product
The Red Light District in day time.

The birthday calendar has a total of 13 fantastic, contemporary photos of the most special neighborhood in the Netherlands. It shows the wonderful ‘Wallen‘ during day and night. De Wallen is the Dutch name for the Red Light District.

The narrow alleys, the red-lit window brothels, the iconic canals, the breathtaking architecture… It’s all displayed!

World’s Most Liberal City

amsterdam gift ideas
The Oudezijds Achterburgwal.

Russell Shorto – famous American historian and author – described Amsterdam as world’s most liberal city. The Amsterdam Red Light District represents liberalism and the open-mindedness of the Dutch. This neighbourhood stands for freedom. Freedom to be who you want to be. Whether you  want to go to the Protestant Old Church, the Buddhistic Temple, to a coffeeshop to buy weed, to visit a sex worker or a gay bar. It’s all possible in the Red Light District!

Liberalism, open-mindedness and freedom are depicted on this fantastic calendar. With this beautiful calendar you’ll bring Amsterdam to your home and you will never forget a birthday again.


Additional information

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Dimensions 29.7 × 21 × 0.5 cm


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