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Herb Grinder – Best Rated Cannabis Grinder


  • 4 Piece 2.5″ Aircraft Aluminium with Pollen Catcher
  • SHARP Diamond Shaped Pin Style Teeth
  • Nylon Ring Prevents That Annoying Metal on Metal Squeak & Twisting Friction
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Herb Grinder – Best Rated Cannabis Grinder!

No Cheap Plastic or Zinc Parts Here! The Herb Grinder is CNC machined with high grade sleek lightweight aluminum with tight threaded case & magnetic top lid that snaps shut to keep your cannabis where it belongs.

What Is A Grinder?

A grinder is a device that can be used to grind coarse pieces of cannabis buds into crumbs that can be used in joints. Grinders come in different shapes, from small and simple to devices with three or four ‘filters’ for obtaining Skuff.

The device, made of plastic or metal or wood, consists of two circular parts that fit together to form a closed circular compartment. The top is usually smaller than the bottom. There are pins on both sides in that compartment. These pins are staggered so that they do not touch each other when the parts are turned in opposite directions.

Available Sizes

This herb grinder is currently available in 3 inch (7,6 cm) and 4 inch (10,1 cm). The 2,5 inch is out of stock at the moment but it may be added back to the range.

9 colours

This herb grinder can be ordered in nine different colours:

✦ Black
✦ Blue
✦ Gold
✦ Green
✦ Pink
✦ Purple
✦ Red
✦ Rose Gold
✦ Silver

Reviews of Herb Grinder

‘I purchased this item as a gift! My husband says it works really great and grinds good and clean. He was impressed with the scraping tool in the bottom of the grinder. Would highly recommend this product!’ (source)

‘Love it. Waaaaay better then my old grinder. The teeth inside cut thru everything like butter. Even stems.. oops.. 100% recommend and it feels real good in ur hand with the grips on it!’ (source)

‘Already getting great use out of this one of a kind grinder! This is easily the best grinder purchase you will ever have the pleasure of buying! Stop here folks if you’ve been looking for your favorite grinder you’ve found it now buy it and be very happy!’ (source)



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