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Tip from a Local: Go see the Zuiderkerk Church in Amsterdam

Posted on: september 10, 2014

Fun to do in Amsterdam: Go visit the Zuiderkerk Church!

Alright, so this church isn’t located in Amsterdam’s Red Light District, but it’s close by – It’s 10 minutes away from the Red Light District. Amsterdam has a couple of churches which are absolutely worth visiting and the Zuiderkerk Church is definitely one of them! Recently, we climbed the Zuiderkerk’s tower with a tour guide of the church. Which was really great! For 7.50 Euros, you’ll get a 30 minute tour, all the way to the top. The tower is 68 meters tall, which gives an amazing view over Amsterdam. There aren’t many places in Amsterdam which offer such a view. And seeing Amsterdam from above is quite impressive!

An advertisement in front of The Zuiderkerk Church in Amsterdam

During our visit, there was this lovely hand painted advertisement of the Zuiderkerk church. And yeah, the ad was right… You’ll have a great view over the city.

A scooter in front of The Zuiderkerk Church in Amsterdam

Before we entered this church, we’ve noticed this scooter driving by a couple of times. At first, we thought it was a pizza delivery guy. Looks kinda like it, right? But no, this ain’t no pizza delivery guy…Courier perhaps? No, this is actually a scooter which automatically scans cars. It checks if the owner bought a parking ticket. It does that by scanning the license plates and checking for a corresponding ticket. So the only thing that this warden needs to do, is sit and drive his scooter. We were quite surprised seeing this!

Anyway, back to the Zuiderkerk Church…

This year, the Zuiderkerk celebrates its 400th birthday. Hip hip hooray! The whole construction of this church took 13 years in total. It was completed in 1614.

The inside of the Zuiderkerk church in Amsterdam

To get to tower of the Zuiderkerk Church, you must go up some narrow wooden stairs, so if you are a bit claustrophobic, it might be better to skip this one. During the tour you’ll be hearing very interesting facts from the tour guide. Also, you can see the massive bells it has – Really impressive!

After climbing a bunch of stairs, you’ll be rewarded with a stunning panoramic view over Amsterdam. In the picture below you can see the Oude Kerk, which is located in the Red Light District.

The stunning view from the Zuiderkerk Tower in Amsterdam

As you can see, most of Amsterdam’s houses aren’t that tall. Especially those which are located in the centre. The older houses in Amsterdam usually don’t have more than four or five floors. Some of those old houses are quite narrow. The narrowest house in Amsterdam is located in the Red Light District. It’s 2.02 meters wide and 5 meters in depth. The inhabitants of Amsterdam used to  pay taxes based on the width of their houses, which is why you’ll see a lot of narrow houses in the city.

The South view from the tower of Amsterdam's Zuiderkerk

The picture above was shot towards the south of the city. Pretty awesome, right? Did you know that the tallest building in Amsterdam is 135 meters tall? It’s the Rembrandt Tower.

Amsterdam from above: A view from The Zuiderkerk church in Holland's capital.

This picture was shot towards the North of Amsterdam. If you look closely, you can see Amsterdam’s Central Station in the top left.

An amazing view from one of Amsterdam's churches: The Zuiderkerk

This one is pretty cool as well. Can’t get enough of Amsterdam’s architecture and its canals! So yeah, The Zuiderkerk Chuch is an absolute must-see. It’s cheap, it’s interesting, it’s beautiful, it’s well located and it’s fun! The tower of this church can be visited from April to September, between 1pm and 4.30pm. The guided tour will take 30 minutes and costs 7.50 Euros. The Zuiderkerk Church in Amsterdam is located on the Zandstraat 17.

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