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A Sex Worker Story Part One

Posted on: november 22, 2010

Sex Worker Amsterdam

Sex Worker Story Part One

Preconceived Notions On Prostitution

As an expat that’s been in the sex industry for over a decade, it never ceases to amaze me that the preconceived notions about prostitution still remain the same. We need someone to set the record straight once and for all – which I’ll attempt to do through this column. In this issue I’ll battle the forces of tabloid legend and reality t.v. to ensure that your next visit to a sex worker will prove enlightening in every way. So without further ado here are five wrong-headed assumptions guaranteed to get my panties in a twist.

5 Misconceptions About Prostitution:

  1. “Prostitutes are all working to pay for their drug habits”.

    Sure it’s true that some of us are drug users. But if you were to compare the percentage of pill-popping prostitutes to, say coke-snorting stockbrokers you’d probaly come up with a fairly equal number. Addiction is a hazard of the trade but not the rule.

  2. “Prostitutes are all working to pay for college tuition”.

    On the other end of the spectrum a lot of guys assume prostitutes are only doing this until they can finance a more socially acceptable lifestyle, which is quite condescending since it indicates a belief that prostitutes hate what they do.
    The fact is that the vast majority of hookers have chosen this industry because they like sex and they are good at it. And that’s not a crime. At least not in Amsterdam.

  3. “The life of a prostitute revolves around sex”.

    As much as most of the hookers prefer screwing to the nine-to-five grind it’s still a job – meaning our profession doen’t define us. A lot of the prostitutes are single mums with kids who can’t party till all hours on a Saturday night becaus they have got to get the tots of to football practice the nex morning. No matte how disturbing this notion may be to many, the fact of the matter is that the prostitutes are often as boring as you.

  4. “A prostitute will do anything for enough euros”

    While everyone has a price, we all have our limits. And while most of the prostitutes are highly accomodating to a wide variety of fetishes if a girl says no, she means no. I can’t even count how many times I’ve politely turned down a sexual request that wasn’t my thing only to have the guy counter, “how much”?

  5. “Prostitutes are too busy to remember if you don’t tip”

    You’ll get what you pay for. If you plan on returning a generous tip is a must (most prostitutes have an elephant’s memory for both big spenders and cheapskates alike) and if you’re a one-time client just do the right thing. Karma can be a John‘s best friend.

(By Lauren Wissot)

I can barely remember the first time I had sex, but I can clearly recall my first paid date“.

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