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New Dutch Law On Cannabis To Decriminalise Production

Posted on: februari 21, 2017

New Dutch Law on Cannabis

New Dutch Law On Cannabis Aims For Regulated Decriminalisation Of Production

The legalization of cannabis cultivation in Holland is one step closer. The House of Representatives just passed a new Dutch law on cannabis with a narrow majority. The newly proposed law by political party D66 states that under certain conditions cannabis can be cultivated and purchased legally. The new Dutch law on cannabis of MP Bergkamp offers an exemption for professional growers who abide by newly set condition. The cultivation of the weed will be monitored and regulated by the government.

How Did The Dutch Political Parties Vote?

Things remained exciting till the last moment whether the House would endorse the new Dutch law on cannabis A majority could only be attained with the support of small splinter parties and one-man groups. A total of 77 MPs stood behind the proposal and 72 turned it against it. Those in favour were D66, PvdA, SP, Groenlinks, 50Plus, Party for the Animals, Kuzu/ Özturk, Bontes/ Van Klaveren, Van Vliet, Klein, Houwers and Monasch. Voting against the new bill were VVD, CDA, PVV, Christian Union and SGP.

Cannabis Legalisation Law Moves To The Senate

Before the newly proposed Dutch law on cannabis officially becomes law it first has to be approved by the Dutch Senate. If all the parties in the Senate vote the same way as they voted in congress the new law will be rejected. The way in which the parties deal with the legalisation topic will possibly become a point of discussion in the cabinet formation after the coming elections in March.

New Law Intends To Decrease Criminality in Holland

D66 has been aiming to break the lingering so called “tolerance” policy for years, the system whereby coffeeshop owners are allowed to sell weed, but whereby the drugs can not be grown or purchased from non coffeeshop sellers. According to MP Bergkamp the new Dutch law on Cannabis is good for public health and for reducing crime. Proponents also point to the many municipalities who give their full support to the plan. Opponents say among other things that the regulation of cannabis cultivation is contrary to international rules. Further more the new law would lead to more young addicts and will not stop the growth of organised crime for the international markets. The current Dutch government is also highly critical of the proposal.

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