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Coffeeshops in Amsterdam Likely To Buy Out a School

Posted on: maart 6, 2014

Coffeeshops in Amsterdam Likely To Buy Out a School

Coffeeshops in Amsterdam are located too close to a school

The distance criterion, which states that coffeeshops in Amsterdam within 250 meters of a school lose their permit, no longer needs to be maintained if there is no school anymore. When the cooperating coffeeshops of Amsterdam decide to continue with this, the municipality will not have any grounds to for closure, and the lucrative coffeeshops would be able to continue to run.

The relevant (private) school, the Amsterdam School on the Damrak 68, does have ears to a takeover by the coffeeshop owners . “I’m certainly not saying no to an offer in advance”, says director Bas Roosen .

“It is correct that several coffeeshops in Amsterdam are planning to buyout that school. And it is very serious, ” says initiator Michael Veling, once leader for a Dutch political party in centre of Amsterdam, now owner of coffeeshop 420 and chairman of lobby groups for cannabis retailers. “I’m not to keen on having this in the newspapers, because that could harm the ongoing negotiations. Quiet diplomacy is the best”, says Michael Veling.

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