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Restaurant Anna

Posted on: mei 28, 2014

Restaurant Anna in Amsterdam's Red Light District

This post was last updated on the 26 March 2020.

Restaurant Anna

Update: Unfortunately restaurant Anna has closed its doors. This high-end restaurant was not profitable enough to maintain in this part of Amsterdam.

Our long-standing wish was granted: We had a 5-course dinner at Restaurant Anna, which is considered to serve high standard food for a fair price. This is the kind of restaurant you definitely wouldn’t expect in the middle of the Red Light District and therefore even more worth the visit! During our tours we always walk by restaurant Anna.

First impression of restaurant Anna in Amsterdam

Restaurant Anna is situated in between the Warmoesstraat and the Old Church Square, in what is the oldest part of Amsterdam. When you approach this fancy restaurant, the classic entrance is eye-catching, with it’s curved, moss-green painted window-frames, in stark contrast to the strip club next to it. When we entered the restaurant, we were led to our table by a very friendly waiter. As we walked, we passed by the open kitchen which is situated in the middle of restaurant Anna. We were amazed by the fact that all the chefs took the time to welcome us. Our table was placed at the back of the restaurant, so we had an amazing view of the dazzling urban life that the Red Light District has to offer.

Restaurant Anna Amsterdam interior
This is what the interior of Anna looks like. From restaurant Anna you have a lovely view on to the Old Church Square.

Every dish on the menu looked amazing! We chose the 5-course menu accompanied by the 5 glasses of accompanying wines.

The menu at Restaurant Anna Amsterdam

Restaurant Anna Amsterdam Red Light District Menu
The 5-course menu of Restaurant Anna, including an explanation of the Saint Anna.


To stimulate the appetite we were served with a very fresh and healthy appetiser consisting of a piece of grilled courgette in a fresh sauce of red paprica with a crunch on top.

Restaurant Anna Amsterdam Amuse.
The appetiser containing grilled courgette in fresh paprika sauce and a crunch on top.


After the appetiser, our glasses were filled with a nice white wine to accompany the first dish. This was of Albocore tuna with cantaloupe (kind of melon), pomegranate, fried goat cheese and black olive ice cream. The tuna was just incredibly tender and tasteful. The combination of the sweet taste of the cantaloupe and the bitter black olive ice cream made it a very well balanced and extraordinary starter. Furthermore, the dish matched my blouse extremely well 😉

Restaurant Anna Amsterdam

The starter: Albocore tuna with cantaloupe, pomegranate, fried goat cheese and black olive ice cream.

Second dish

After this delicious dish we proceeded the dinner with the second dish. The stingray wing was served on a lemon risotto with butter and green peas. The dish was delightful and well portioned.

Stingray wing

Second dish: Stingray wing, lemon risotto, butter and green peas.

In between

Before every dish was being served, our glasses were replaced by a new accompanying wine for the next dish. The waiters were well informed about the taste and background of each wine which enriched the whole culinary experience. We proceded with the third dish: Crispy pork belly, palm sugar, lychee and onion.

Because I’m a big fan of pork belly, I had high expectations of this dish. And they were met! The pork belly was extremely crispy on the outside, and soft and juicy (as it should be..) on the inside. The lychees and palm sugar brought the sweet taste of the pork meat to a higher level and the crispy onion was a nice contrast with the softness of the belly.

Crispy pork bellyIn between: Crispy pork belly, palm sugar, lychee and onion.

Main course

Then the time had come for the main course. We got lamb with peach, white asparagus, mousseline and a cute edible flower. As with the pork belly, the lamb was also extremely tender with a nice layer of fat to keep the meat juicy. Like the other dishes, the main course matched the summer season very well because it contained a fruity detail as well (the peach).

main course in amsterdam red light districtMain course: Lamb with peach, white asparagus, mousseline and an eatable flower. 


The dessert consisted of a strawberry bavarois with fresh strawberries, mint and champagne sorbet. For me, the mint overpowered the sweet taste of the strawberries a bit, but still, it was a light and tasty dessert to finish the dinner with.

Conclusion of Restaurant Anna in the Red Light District

Altogether, we had an amazing evening in a beautiful restaurant in the middle of the Red Light district. The standard of food was high and the service very professional, all for a very reasonable price. If you’re planning a romantic evening with your partner in the oldest district of Amsterdam, restaurant Anna is the right place!

What people say about Restaurant Anna on TripAdvisor

Restaurant Anna Tripadvisor Review

Restaurant Anna Tripadvisor Reviews

Combine A Red Light District Walking Tour With Restaurant Anna

Combine a visit to this restaurant with one of the wackiest tours around the world. Join our Red Light District Tours and let a local guide show you the best, hidden places in the area. During our tours we’ll pass by restaurant Anna so if you’d like you could have a bite there afterwards. Our tours are fun, interesting and healthy!

Reservation at Restaurant Anna Amsterdam

If you want, we can make a reservation for you.

Or, contact Restaurant Anna yourself:
T. +31204281111

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5 Responses to Restaurant Anna

  1. Andrew schreef:

    Had lunch at ANNA, a stunning restaurant that’s changing the face of Amsterdam’s Red Light District

  2. Tim schreef:

    If you need great food in Amsterdam try Prego and Restaurant Anna. Both fabulous.

  3. Yolanda Vega schreef:

    @Restaurant_Anna Great dinner today in #Amsterdam

  4. Victoria Simms schreef:

    best meal ever at restaurant Anna in Amsterdam. Not cheap, but VERY good

  5. Patrick Roberts schreef:

    Went here with my mates. Had a great night! The chefs at restaurant anna sure know what to serve. Foodporn!
    If you go here, ask for a table at the window next to the Old Church Square. Best view of the restaurant!

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