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Hangover Information Center

Posted on: september 22, 2014

Hangover Information in Amsterdam

The Hangover Information Center in Amsterdam

The cure for hangovers!

What used to be window brothels, is now a Hangover Information Center. It’s located in the heart of Amsterdam’s Red Light District, on the Sint Annendwarsstraat. In opposite of the Ton Ton Club and next to the narrowest alley of Amsterdam. As the name suggest, the Hangover Information Center offers products to prevent hangovers.

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Hangover Information Center in Amsterdam's Red Light District.

The Hangover Information Center explains:

Why you have a hangover and how to mitigate its effects
  1. Alcohol is toxic.
    At the Hangover Information Center, we are no saints. Drinking a bit too much can be a lot of fun.Usually, the fun balances the hangover of the day after. And it doesn’t make you an alcoholic overnight. But alcohol is toxic. If you drink excessively you will experience a hangover. Nothing can prevent that from happening, except drinking modestly or nothing at all.
    Hence advice nr. 1 for hangovers repair: Do not drink excessively.
  2. Dehydration
    Alcohol increases your urine discharge, it makes you want to pee more often. If you don’t compensate the fluid loss by drinking extra water (and peeing even more), you will become dehydrated. Dehydration causes headaches.
    Hence advice nr.2 for hangovers repair: Drink extra water.
  3. Acetaldehyde and Glutathion.
    Your liver breaks down alcohol into harmless nutrients. The first step in this process is a product called acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde is not harmless. It causes most of the hangover symptoms. Processing acetaldehyde is an even tougher job for your liver than processing alcohol itself. That’s why acetaldehyde is still in your blood system when the alcohol is already gone the following day.
    This is main cause for you having a hangover. When you assist your liver in this process and speed up the breakdown of acetaldehyde, you will experience less or no hangover at all.The liver needs a substance called glutathion to break down acetaldehyde. It usually runs out of glutathion really quickly. The trick is to supply your liver with a lot of glutahion. This will help your liver to do the job breaking down acetaldehyde. Extra intake and production of glutahion will result in lower acetaldehyde levels in your blood by the next day and there for a milder or no hangover at all.
    Hence advice nr.3 for hangovers repairs: Consume an adequate (=large) quantity of glutathion.

Instructions for taking the hangover cure, inside Amsterdam's Hangover Center in the Red Light District.
Anti hangover products being displayed at the Hangover Information Center in Amsterdam.

Glutathion is difficult to consume in large doses. As powder, its pretty much impossible to swallow. When dissolved into water, it tastes extremely unpleasant and it quickly begins to reek. The Hangover Information Center (HIC) offers a product, called “RESET”. According to HIC it’s a revolutionary product, since they’ve found a way to make glutathion palatable.

Hangover Information Center Amsterdam - Willem explaining Reset - Preventing hangovers

Thanks to the Hangover Information Center, you are now able to consume the required amount of glutahion in an acceptable way.

The Hangover Information Center in the Red Light District.
An employee of Amsterdam’s Hangover Information Center explains what RESET is to a customer.

Please note:

The intake of extra glutathion will accelerate the degradation of acetaldehyde. It has no influence on the alcohol itself. Therefor you will remain as drunk as you are. 🙂 BUT, tomorrow will be a lot brighter.

Anti hangover products in the Hangover Information Center in Amsterdam.
More anti-hangover products in the HIC in Amsterdam.

The Hangover Information Center instead of brothels and prostitutes

Although the Hangover Information Center is quite impressive, but as we mentioned before, there used to be window brothels on this spot. These brothels have been replaced by this shop. The Hangover Information Center is part of the project 1012. More about this during our tours.

Here as an awesome old picture of how this area used to look like:

Amsterdam Red Light District. Sint Annendwarsstraat. Trompettersteeg. Narrow alley. Hangover Information Center.
On the spot where you see the ladies, is where the Hangover Information Center is located right now.

Obviously, we prefer to see sex workers on this spot, instead of the cure for hangovers. But we most say, the Hangover Information Center is one awesome place!

In opposite of the Hangover Information Center, there is this cool place where we go quite a lot. It’s a game room that has air hockey, pinball, arcade games and lots of beers. It’s called the Ton Ton Club. Good place to go! CLICK HERE to check it out.

Would you like to see the Hangover Information Center yourself? During our Red Light District Tours our local guides will show you this place. Get the know Amsterdam’s history, get to see things you wouldn’t have seen otherwise and have lots of fun, during our Red Light District Tours…

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  1. Lisa schreef:

    Do you have to take iT THE night before or can you take iT THE morning of?

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