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Student Prostitutes In Amsterdam: An Easy Living

Posted on: December 20, 2016

News: Student Prostitutes in Amsterdam

Prostitutes In Amsterdam: Students Consider The Job Option

Close to 6 percent of the students in Amsterdam have worked as prostitutes and some 27 percent have considered working as student prostitutes in Amsterdam. The sample size for the University Of Amsterdam (UVA) poll had a total of 363 respondents, which is quite small. But one can easily draw the conclusion that some students in Amsterdam work as sex workers, for example working for a webcam.

Sex Work is Good Money

UvA-researcher Marie-Louise Jansen has outlined why some studies choose to become student prostitute in Amsterdam. The main reason is of course easy to guess: money. “It pays good money, for a night out you can easily ask for 200 to 300 euros. And your own expenses are minor.”

Student Prostitution in Amsterdam

Sex Work is Fun & Exciting!

But fun and excitement also play an important role. Students who’ve become prostitutes almost always do so on their own accord, states researcher Eloise Gaddess. “They even see it as a form of empowerment”. However many keep their adventurous activities a secret. “They aren’t ashamed of their chosen line of work, but they do fear social judgments from their friends.”

Student Prostitutes in Amsterdam Share Experience

Lyle Muns (22) is one of those student prostitutes in Amsterdam. He is a male sex worker & ex-chairman of the youth wing of green political party Groenlinks.

Male Student Prostitutes in AmsterdamMister Muns in the Red Light District of Amsterdam. 

“My part-time job at a supermarket paid around 3,50 an hour. Now I make a 100 euros an hour!” he states. What type of work does he have to do for that? “I always start off with getting to know my clients. After that we start with cuddling en then we have sex with each other.” Lyle is one of the few people who openly talks about his new part-time job. He believes that it won’t affect his chances in getting a job after his studies. “I’m proud of the work that I do, I’ve even put it on my CV. I think it greatly increases my people skills, skills I can use at my next job.”

Prostitution is just another job

Flora (25, not her real name) comes from Canada and has partly financed her studies with webcam work. “I moved the moment I heard that you can masturbate in front of a webcam in Amsterdam for a coupe hundred euros a show. I only had to work once or twice a month to pay my rent”. She emphasises that even though the work has a bad reputation, prostitution is just another job. “Working in a clothing store where costumers treat you like trash is more humiliating than having sex with another girl in front of a camera”.

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