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Red Light District Tours

A story of a prostitute (part III)

Posted on: September 18, 2011

Deep in debt, Patricia decided to go into prostitution.

Four and a half years later, she wanted to quit. She, as an insider of the Red Light District, describes how the life behind the windows are really like…I heard a lanky young man, about eighteen years old, to one of his friends say when he walked past my window. “Look at that slut behind that window.” His friends looked at me smiling from head to toe. “Want to fuck for twenty euros?”
His words were not without effect: I blushed! I turned my back to the street, so that other people could not see me through this humiliating remark.

In the last years I’ve been through a lot, seen much, heard and read about the red light district and girls who work there.
Only the subject itself, the women, who are rarely or never heard. (…) Why did we never reacted? Certainly not because we are not interested. It was often out of fear, ignorance or just out of shame! ”
The Red Light District has saved me from going bankrupt. “It gave me peace in my life”. Now it’s time that I can do something back for all those colleagues who are not lucky enough to decide for themselves to quit…

Believe me, it aren’t just the pimps, the loverboys and all those other shady types that makes the life of a prostitute almost intolerable. It’s also the government with all its rules and regulations, that whole regiment of doctors who are just stirring when a new grant-application must be submitted.

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