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A Story of a Sex Worker (part II)

Posted on: December 6, 2010

a sex worker story part two

Sex Worker Story

I can barely remember the first time I had sex, but I can clearly recall my first paid date.

While I don’t want to sugar coat the industry – beneath every cliche lies a kernel of truth – the idea that all “Johns” are horny sleazebags is about as close to reality as the notion that prostitution is a job of last resort.

Not a typical hard-partying sex manic

For every Hugh Grant or Charlie Sheen type we have to put up with, there’s a cool customer who pays us in both cash and respect. Case in point is a guy I still see from time to time who I’ll call George… Besides upending my own preconveived notions of what a “John” is, George also opened my eyes to the face that not every date involves actual sex.

Sure, a lot of guys want intercourse Рeven more prefer blowjobs by a sex worker Рbut there are some who just want to spend the evening in the company of a pretty girl.

Before I went independent, I started out working for an escort service. George was on of the agency’s regulars, so the manager knew that he knew how to behave.¬†George is a laid-back accountant from London in his forties, divorced with two kids that he adores.

In other words, he’s someone who doesn’t fit the image of the hard-partying sex maniac I expected to have to screw when he phoned the service on my very first night.

A customer who had a thing for high heels and pink toes

After being picked up by a driver and dropped off at George’s boutique hotel, I found Room 408 courtesy of a helpful concierge who gave me an unhelpful wink. The butterflies were hurling themselves against the walls of my stomach, so by the time George answered my soft knock I must have looked as green as I was.

Luckily, George swepte me inside with his playfull grin and sat me down on the plush beige coush. Then he told me that since it was my first time he thought we should get to know each other for an hour and see where things went… By no means should I do anything I didn’t feel comfortable with me added.

Then he poured me a glass of wine and slyle asked if I’d like a foot massage while we talked.
Strand as it may seem we spent two hours together that night and never had sex. It was only later that I came to realise that for George – who has a thing for high heels and pink toes – it was better than sex. As for me I can honestly say that my first paid “date” was more enlightening than losing my virginity for free.

(by Lauren Wissot)

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