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Prostitution Tax Netherlands: Sex Workers Need to Pay Taxes

Posted on: January 6, 2011

Prostitutes in the Netherlands have to taxes

Prostitution Tax Netherlands

No more tax-free window shopping in Amsterdam’s Red Light District

From now on all prostitutes have to pay taxes, just like everybody else. Tax inspectors will visit all prostitutes in Amsterdam. They will decide how much every prostitute have to pay. This extensive operation will make an end to the traditional exempt amount of tax for prostitutes in Amsterdam. Prostitutes do not receive the traditional Dutch blue enveloppe from the tax authorities. Momentary, the tax authorities don’t receive taxes from all prostitutes. Therefore they do not know how much money is involved in this business.

The Dutch Taxman Visits Window Brothels

“This should be changed”, says spokesman Janneke Verheggen of the Ministry of Finance.
Prostitutes were informed by a notification in a Dutch newspaper, stating: “This is a notice from tax collectors office to all business operating in window prostitution in Amsterdam. Between January 1st and December 31th, your company will be visited by a tax inspector. During that visit, different parts of your business, such as pricing, schedules and agendas will be analyzed.

30% of the sex workers already pays taxes

According to insiders, some prostitutes are already paying taxes. “If I have to estimate, I would say that approximately 30% of all registred prostitutes is already paying tax”, said the Secretary of Collaborative Consultation.

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