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Poi Spinning in Amsterdam

Posted on: April 25, 2016

Poi Spinning Amsterdam Lessons

Fun to do: Lessons Poi Spinning in Amsterdam

Have you ever felt called to improve your coordination, balance, and over-all physical ability? Have you ever dreamed about being a superhero, playing with fire, bending light, feeling like a Shaolin monk?  Or do you just wanna do something super cool and unique in Amsterdam? Then maybe the skill art called poi-spinning might be the perfect tool for you.

What is Poi Spinning?

Poi is a form of (fire)dance, where weights on the ends of tethers are swung through rhythmical patterns. By the weight on the end of the tethers attaching one to each hand, they become extensions of your body, amplifying the movement of the arms. Add timing and direction and you may feel some form of balance.

Poi Spinning in Amsterdam: What is Poi Spinning?

Played with fire or light the movement translates into geometric pattern. With training the patterns become more clear, symmetrical. The repetitive spinning of the poi proves perfect for developing motor skills through a whole range of motion. Exploring space with poi is simply remembering how to dance and play again. Some say dance is the universal language of the soul, reveiling the true nature of who we really are.

Best Poi Spinner of the Netherlands

We can offer you a super cool and unique workshop of one of the best poi spinners in the Netherlands: Martijn Snoeren – who’s also our red light District tour guide.

Introducing Our Dutch Poi Spinning Master

Martijn: “When I was a teenager I loved skill arts like skateboarding. Especially the freedom of playing outside, showing off your tricks and being with friends made me feel proud of being part of this global subculture. Years later is was searching for a similar creative buzz. I drew, I painted, played guitar, but nothing gave me that spark they seem to have.


Then in the mid oo’s, I discovered the art of poi when visiting the amazing beaches of Thailand. I saw firespinning on the beach and was amazed by the geometric patterns the firetrails would show. I can’t describe what went through my mind, but it looks like a legitimate superpower, this guy bending and shifting light. The most beautiful thing i had ever seen!

Poi Spinning in Amsterdam for Beginners

That was the moment, right then and and right there, i needed to try this out for myself. The next day i bought a pair of poi at a local shop, went off to the beach, thinking i could do the same as the guy i saw performing the night before. It looked so easy, but once i started spinning the poi i realized i could not do this myself.

And then?

At that same moment an Australien woman walked over to me and was kind enough to show me the basics of poi spinning. What are the odds of somebody wanting to teach me poi at that moment. It was like the sky opened. I was superstoked and after the first tricks i was hooked. The technique was somehow simple and doable, but for sure not obvious. I needed the input the woman gave me.

Poi Spinning Lessons

Poi Spinning in Amsterdam Basics

Poi are amazing movement exploration tools. They are guides. They are teachers. They are like Yoda, only smaller and on strings. I enjoyed every little victory of the trainings and once i got back in the Netherlands i was setting goals to my poi spinning. I hooked up with the Dutch poi spinning community and started to spread my love for poi. People just loved it and now the teaching became addictive. It brings a smile to my face seeing people enjoying poi technique, enjoying their own little victories, so the next step was to organize workshops to get more people into flow arts.

Poi Spinning Basics

Poi Spinning in Amsterdam Lessons

“Its mindfulness through movement. Your creative expression could be inspiring to other, or be inspired. Poi have opened new dimensions for me. I highly recommend exploring them. I would love to get you started with the basics of poi spinning in Amsterdam, and share what i have mastered.

Lessons Poi Spinning in Amsterdam Vondel Park

  • Poi-play experience: Poi-spinning basics
  • Learn Martijn’s best tricks
  • Walkabout with local guide through the best park of Amsterdam
  • Lunch at the Blue Tea House
  • Experience how Amsterdammers enjoy their summers
  • Learn some Dutch words from Martijn – your local guide

Amsterdam Poi Spinning Workshop Tour


  • Free set of practise Poi
  • Lunch: sandwiches
  • Coffee/thee, juices, beers/ wines
  • Original Amsterdam Incense

It’s super fun, healthy and relaxed!

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  1. Mollie Durey says:

    Hi there! Is this still available? My friend and I know some basics and would love to meet Martijn.
    Thank you

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