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Illegal escort agencies are able to operate freely

Posted on: February 24, 2012

The regulation of the escort industry in The Netherlands isn’t getting better.

Owners of legiminate businesses complain: “Why the hell do we have a permit”?
The government barely succeeds to tackle illegal escort agencies. A year ago, the National Police closed two escort agencies because of suspicions in trafficking for the first time. Although the trial against five suspects is still active, most of them continued their work under a different name.

Escort company Zuzana.com was closed because they recruited models and porn actresses in Eastern Europe and exploited them as escort prostitutes in The Netherlands. The founder of Zuzana, who is also wanted by the French justice department, is still operating an escort company which ofcourse is registered under other brandnames. The new actions which the National Police announced against those mysterious escort agencies have so far failed to realize.
“Human trafficking has got our interest”, is the only thing which the Justice department is saying about it.

Since the prorogation of the brothel ban from 2000, the municipalities are responsible for the regulation of the prostitution. Currently, there are 24 legal escort companies in Amsterdam. Most of the escort agencies operates without a permit, do not pay taxes and are never being checked by any autority. Nevertheless, illegal businesses can freely advertise and can make easy money.
“Unfair”, says the Association Legal Escort Companies (VLEB.) All legal escort agencies get regular checks and do pay their taxes.Therefor their prices are much higher. “A permit shoud be a hallmark to be proud of”, says Esther Meppelink, chairman of the VLEB.

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