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Dutch School System And Homosexuality

Posted on: April 24, 2017

News Dutch Schools Punished That Refuse Homosexuality

Dutch Schools Could Face Fines If they Don’t Teach About Homosexuality

The Dutch parliament wants the future administration to punish Dutch schools if they do not inform their students about differences in sexual orientation. The government should require lessons on gay acceptance on intermediate vocational education schools. One in five primary and secondary schools in the Netherlands pays no attention to sexual diversity, while it has been mandatory since 2012. SP Euro-MP Jasper van Dijk wants the cabinet to ”don’t hesitate” in imposing fines or putting Schools under surveillance if they continue in neglecting this subject. He received approval from a majority of the Dutch parliament.

Mandatory Homosexuality Education in the Netherlands

The same was true for Van Dijk’s proposal to make classes on gay acceptance mandatory on intermediate vocational education schools. Right now only three in five pupils on those type of schools receive lessons about sexual diversity and resilience. Van Dijk is especially happy about the second aspect. ‘‘Vocational education schools cater to students who are at that age were gay discrimination is common, more awareness for them is critical.”

Education Homosexuality Dutch Schools Netherlands

Sexual Diversity in Dutch Schools

The SP Euro-MP speaks of “the final chapter” of the struggle for education about sexual diversity in Dutch schools. He is glad that D66 and GroenLinks, who are negotiating with CDA and VVD for the new future government, still voted in favour. The VVD voted against both proposal even though, during the last election campaign, the Liberals put their signature down for compulsory education on intermediate vocational education schools.

VVD explains their flip-flop

VVD MP Dilan Yesilgöz still stands squarely behind her signature, but she doesn’t want to interfere with the job of the education inspectorate. Furthermore she prefers that the whole curriculum be examined instead of just highlighting one part.

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