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De Rode Draad – Dutch Union for prostitutes – went bankrupt.

Posted on: September 3, 2012

Metje Blaak explains why De Rode Draad went bankrupt

De Rode Draad (The Read Thread) was pronounced bankrupt, two weeks ago.

Metje Blaak, former prostitute and spokeswoman for De Rode Draad, announced this. The association dependent on grants and donations, but unfortunately due to the economic crisis all grants and donations dried out. At De Rode Draad, there were five people who were permanent employed. Also many people who worked voluntarily were affected.

Before their bankruptcy, De Rode Draad always tried to improve the working conditions of prostitutes. They were also very active during the “clean up” on the red light district. Furthermore, this association helped erotic massage parlors by getting them more acknowledgment.

Metje Blaak will continue her work and try to help all prostitutes, voluntary though.

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