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Red Light District

Art in Red Light

Posted on: January 5, 2015

Art in Red Light – an awesome fair in Amsterdam!

Art in Red Light it’s an independent art fair in which everything is focussed on the artists. The 10th edition of this multidisciplinary took place in the Beurs van Berlage – the former stock exchange. Art in Red Light presented more than 150 quirky and talented artists. The fair was opened between 27th and 30th december 2014.

Before we entered this fair, we didn’t quite know what to expect, as we haven’t visited it before.
We left our coats at the wardrobe and went inside. We started in what’s called the “Graanbeurszaal”. One of the first things we saw was this cool piece of art, made by Mark Goede.

Amsterdam Art in Red Light. Painting made by Mark Goede.
“It’s not you or your tits, it is my greener grass syndrome”. Acrylic and ink on canvas, 120x80cm.

His business card said: “Mark Goede – International Crap Artist”.   🙂
He has lots of other art work, which he also presented throughout the city. CLICK HERE to check out his website.

Nailed it!

The next thing we saw was definitely an eye-catcher. An art work from which you could definitely say: “Nailed it!”. Voila, check out this bed of nails…

Art in Red Light 10th edition. Jesus bed made of nails.

Pretty impressive, right?

Beautiful art made of stoneware

We continued our tour through the Art in Red Light. In the middle of the “Graanbeurszaal” we saw this awesome piece of stoneware.

Amsterdam's Art in Red Light fair. Awesome art of stoneware.

This is just awesome! Look at the details of it. Must be a lot of work to make this…

Great art work in Amsterdam's Beurs van Berlage. The 10th edition of Art in Red Light.

Art made of melon

As we walked through the Beurs of Berlage, we’ve noticed this thing. A piece of art shaped like an insect. Funny thing though, it was made of melon. If you look closely you see the structure of the melon. How original!

Art in the Red Light District: A piece of art made of melon.

Greed at Art in Red Light

Another great art work was this wall which stood in the corner. From a distance it’s just a big wall with some dots. Next to it stood a smaller wall. We walked towards it and found two magnifiers and a piece of paper on the ground. It said: “Every single image associated online with the search term “Greed”. Scrapping the initial amount of 42 million images and checking for doubles resulted in the 4 million unique images shown here, each roughly 3mm tall.

Art in the Red Light: This is what happens when you search for "greed" in Google.
This is what happens when you google “greed”.

Empathy at Art in Red Light

Next to this enormous piece of art stood a smaller wall. Unfortunately we don’t have a picture of it. But it was named: “Empathy”. So Greed versus Empathy… Every single image associated online with the search term “Empathy” resulted into 14 million images. Scrapping the initial amount and checking for doubles resulted into approximately 1 million unique images.
It’s a great way to display the differences between greed and empathy! Price: 1 cent per image. Made by Philip Schuette.

The dancing frog

Another amazing piece of art was this frog dancing on a lamp. Brilliant!

Art in Amsterdam: Frog on lamp
Would love to have this in my house!

We went to the other room and one of the first things we noticed was a AK-47. Made of gold and diamonds…

Art in Red Light: A golden AK-47

Amsterdam’s Red Light District from above

Just in opposite of the AK-47, there was big photo of the Red Light District. We were told that the photo below was made of several small images. Apparently, the artist used something like a fishing rod to create this piece of art. The artist who made this is Marc Faasse. He was inspired by famous Dutch photographer and filmmaker Ed van Elsken.

Art in the Red Light: This is how Amsterdam's Red Light District looks like from above.
More art like this can be found at Gallery Vriend van Bavink. Website: http://www.vriendvanbavink.nl

Hah, we were also impressed by this art work below. Exotic Osama Bin Laden…

Art in Red Light: Exotic Osama bin Laden

Amsterdam’s language

Did you know that some people in Amsterdam have another accent? It’s called “Mokums”. Some words are even different from the “normal” Dutch language. We saw this great book called “De Wollef en de Seve Geitjes”. It’s a fairy tale written in Mokums. How original!

Great way to learn the Dutch language! Below you can find words in Mokums (in blue) and in Dutch (in red).

Art in Red Light: A great book which teaches the difference between the Amsterdam's (a.ka. Mokums) and Dutch language.

Art in Red Light: Dutch dictionary


Mokums -> Dutch -> English:

  • Mokums: “De pijp uit”   —> Dutch: Dood —> English: Dead
  • Mokums: “Fersinne” —> Dutch: Verzinnen —> English: To make up
  • Mokums: “Foor pampus —> Dutch: Bewusteloos —> English: Passed up

CLICK HERE for more (Dutch) information about this book.

Art in the Red Light sure was a fantastic fair. There were so many beautiful pieces of art! Too many to show them all. We would definitely recommend to go to Art in Red Light next year. Here’s there website: http://artinredlight.com

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