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Amsterdam police raid hostel on illegal prostitution

Posted on: October 27, 2012

Yesterday, the Municipal Housing Department and the Amsterdam police raided by an illegal hostel in the North of Amsterdam. The owner can expect hefty fines.
During the raid, primarily intended as a survey of the situation, no one was arrested. According to spokesman Steven Schotte of Alderman Freek Ossel (Housing), who was present at the action, the raid went without any major problems.

“The foreign residents of the hostel were immediately informed that they would not be held responsible and that it was not about them. “That reassured them”, said Schotte.
In one of the houses, thirteen people were found: eight Egyptians divided into two rooms, four Bulgarians in another room, and a (presumed) prostitute in another room. In the other houses there were mostly Bulgarians, but the Housing Department suspected that many more people stayed in the guest house.
“There were signs that in the early morning, before the raid, a van with residents had left, possibly to be working in illegal prostitution,” says Schotte.

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