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Keith Bakker accused of sexual abuse

Posted on: décembre 10, 2010

Ex-junk Keith Bakker

Former underaged patient of Keith Bakker accuses him of sexual abuse

Keith Bakker denies the allegation, but admits that some patients spend the night with him. The girl says that during her treatment, she once went home with Keith. The two ended up on the couch because he wanted to watch a movie. Meanwhile, Keith Bakker constantly looked at porn channels. After a while he told the girl that it was late and that it would probably be better to stay over.

Keith Bakker: it’s possible to see a porn channel, while changing channels

“During that night I had to do several sexual acts. In that period I just wasn’t able to say no. He was my therapist and I obeyed. Only later, I realized what had happened”. Keith Bakker admits that some patients stay over during the night. He claims that it’s part of the rehab-program. Keith Bakker watches TV via a satellite, “then you have 400 channels, so it’s possible to see a porn channel, while changing channels.”

Keith Bakker Address

Saviez-vous que Keith Bakker used to live on the Oude Waal street in Amsterdam’s city centre? He bought this house together with his girlfriend for almost 2 million Euro. The property had four bedrooms, three bathrooms and an area of 151 square meters.

Dutch Court Sentenced Keith Bakker 5 Years in Prison

In April 2012, Bakker was sentenced to five years in prison, because he had sexually abused several women in his home. Since then, his company Smith & Jones went bankrupt and Bakker is in deep financial trouble.

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