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Dutch Father And Son Produce New Anti-Hangover Pill

Posted on: novembre 24, 2017

Anti-Hangover Pill Zober!

New Dutch Anti-Hangover Pill Hits The Market

Business dinner tonight with some ‘mandatory’ glasses of wine but need to appear fresh at that meeting tomorrow? Student of medicine at Radboud University Niels Pesser claims to have the medicine for you. Together with his father, who is a pharmacist, he sells the anti-hangover pill Zober!

New Anti-Hangover Pill Took Years To Develop

The anti-hangover pill that took years to be developed, writes Nijmegen University magazine Vox. The idea arose around four years ago during a cycling holiday. After a cycling trip through the mountains, father and son sat down at a restaurant. They ate and had u number of glasses of alcohol. After that you sit a los less comfortable on your bike the next morning, says Niels in Vox. “Then we started thinking: aren’t we be able to do something about that?” Back in the Netherlands, the two searched trough the scientific literature on hangovers. Niels’ experience as a medical student, and Jacco’s knowledge as a pharmacist, came in handy. They found something so prevalent, that it almost sounded too good to be true: green tea.

Anti-Hangover Pill Lab
Working in the laboratory picture source: Zober! © PR.

Their Pharmacy Became A Testing Laboratory

His father’s pharmacy in Hoeven became the testing lab, where a combination of active ingredients, binding agents and a base of special green tea from China is forged into a pill. What specific combination they us they won’t say. “We do not want large companies to be able to replicate our recipe,” explains Jacco. Caffeine is extracted from that green tea – that substance is not conducive to a good night sleep. Because there is only a small amount of the active substance in the tea, evaporation is necessary to get a higher concentration in the pill. And that is necessary, because otherwise you’d have to drink a lot of green tea to get the hangover feeling away, says Niels.

Anti-Hangover Pill Father Son
Father and son. Picture source: Zober! © PR.

Professor Doubts The Claims That Are Being Made About Zober!

Frans Russel, professor of pharmacology and toxicology at the Dutch Radboud University (located in Nijmegen), went into the scientific literature on the effect of green tea on hangovers at the request of Vox. That connection does exist, he says, but it has never been shown that it can completely eliminate a hangover. ‘Based on what I read, I consider it an ineffective concoction. The effect of tea on the breakdown of alcohol is around 10 to 15 percent. The body normally needs an hour to break down a glass of beer, with the pill it would take fifty minutes. That isn’t really a serious improvement. “Moreover, Russel emphasises, that the results came from a study on mice. ‘It hasn’t even been tested for humans.

Friends Are Enthusiastic About The New Anti-Hangover Pill

Yet Niels claims that the people from his own circle of friends who’ve tested the anti-hangover pill had no headache or nausea after alcohol consumption. In the past three weeks about a hundred boxes have been ordered and people also do re-orders. They’ve heard positive remarks. “It may be that you are still tired if you had little sleep. Some had a somewhat dry mouth, but that can also be caused by dehydration. No one had a hangover.” He does not believe that the placebo effect happens to everyone. But the scientific evidence isn’t there, he admits. And they aren’t planning to do that either. “A scientific study into the workings of the pill is expensive, takes a lot of time and there is no need for it either. Because it’s food supplement and not a medicine, it does not have to be studied. “It does mean that people think of their anti-hangover pills as the next ‘miracle remedy’ ,,That is our flaw ’’, he says.

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