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Red Light District

Amsterdam Weed Tour

Posted on: janvier 26, 2020

Amsterdam weed tour

Amsterdam Drugs Tour

We offer a brand-new, super interesting and exciting walking tour through Amsterdam’s historic center. A unique tour that tells everything about all drugs (in the Netherlands). A tour that is more than ‘just’ an Amsterdam weed tour. During our new Amsterdam Drugs Tour we cover cannabis and its culture but our local guides also delve deep into all other legal and illegal drugs that have shaped the Dutch history and culture. Including drugs like magic truffles, XTC, cocaine, alcohol, amphetamines, laughing gas, etcetera.

Did you know that Amsterdam used to have a legal cocaine factory? Did you know that addiction-care is fully reimbursed in the Netherlands? And did you know that here people can get their illegal drugs tested legally on the content and quality?

Amsterdam weed tour coffeeshop
Smartshops offer magic truffles, drug test kits, laughing gas, etc.

Fun Things To Do in Amsterdam

The Dutch are known to be very liberal et openminded. Especially Amsterdammers. A good example is the liberal policy on drugs in the Netherlands. To really understand the drug policies of the Netherlands you need to know about a lot more than just cannabis. During our Amsterdam Drugs Tour we explain all kinds of drugs, the history of drugs, the effects, the legal & illegal trade, availability, the war or drugs, smuggling, coffeeshops and much more.

This is a fun and very interesting way to get a better understanding of the Dutch culture, Amsterdam and its drug policy.

New Amsterdam Weed Tour

Good to know: These kind of Space Cakes will not make you high because it only contains CBD and no THC.

Drug Policy in the Netherlands

Up until the late 1950’s the Netherlands was considered to be one of the best behaved countries of the world. That all changed with the Dutch cultural revolution which started right here in Amsterdam at a spot that we visit during the Amsterdam Drugs Tour. Our local guides show how every cultural change since then was accompanied with a different drug that specifically sooted the cultural mood of that time. And how this resulted into the first cannabis store (aka coffeeshop) in Amsterdam in the year 1972.

Saviez-vous que producing cannabis is illegal in the Netherlands? Here it’s tolerated to buy and sell cannabis but growing it for commercial purposes is illegal. This is due a religious political party (CDA) and former president of France (Jacques Chirac). Do you want to know why? Join our interesting Amsterdam Drugs Tour.

Amsterdam coffeeshop tour
In the Red Light District it is not allowed to drink alcohol on the streets.

Drugs in the Netherlands

The number of coffeeshops (= cannabis shops) in Amsterdam has drastically decreased. In 1993 there were more than 400 coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Amsterdam currently has 164 coffeeshops. (source)

In 2017, 7.2% of all Dutch adults had used cannabis in that year. In 2017, 79.5% of all Dutch adults had drunk alcohol in that year. (Source: Nationale Drugs Monitor)

Of course weed and coffeeshops will be discussed during our Amsterdam Drugs Tour. We’ll answer questions like; why is cannabis not completely legalised in the Netherlands? How does owning a coffeeshop work in practice? And what effect has decriminalisation had on Dutch society? During this tour we’ll also discuss how Chinese Triad gangs ended up in Amsterdam and started a heroin epidemic in the 1980’s unmatched in size and scope in Dutch history.

Amsterdam Drugs Laws

Amsterdam Drugs Tour Coffeeshops
Dutch weed in front of coffeeshop Jolly Joker in the Red Light District.

In 1976 the Opium law was changed in the Netherlands. For then on out there’s been a distinction in the Dutch laws between soft drugs and hard drugs. This also started the policy of tolerance when it comes to coffeeshops. Toleration regarding soft drugs means that the sale of soft drugs in coffee shops is a criminal offence but that the Public Prosecution Service does not prosecute coffee shops for this offence. Neither does the Public Prosecution Service prosecute members of the public for possession of small quantities of soft drugs. These quantities are defined as follows:

  • no more than 5 grams of cannabis (marijuana or hash)
  • no more than 5 cannabis plants.

Best Smartshops
Another smartshop in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Drugs Tour Highlights

Highlights include: the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. The Dutch East India Company headquarters, world’s very first corporation. Amsterdam’s second oldest coffeeshop (the first one got closed down). Amsterdam’s China Town, The Zeedijk street et Spui Square. We’ll walk past many other coffeeshops, smartshops, canals, Nieuwmarkt and much more…

During the Amsterdam Drugs Tour we’ll also show you a memorial of one of the most notorious drug addicted musicians, who actually died in Amsterdam. At another stop we’ll explain how the Dutch government was one of the top drug dealers in Asia and how that strange situation came about. We’ll explain how cocaine has been part of the Netherlands, since the founding of the Dutch Cocaine Factory. We’ll also share the latest trends in Amsterdam’s drug scene. Our local guides also tell more about the so called ‘Mocro Maffia’. We share insights in the (financial) drug trade in the Netherlands. And we explain how harm-reduction et addiction care works here.

Magic Mushrooms in Amsterdam
The minimum age to enter smartshops & coffeeshops is 18.

Drugs Tour With Amsterdam Tour Guide

Are you thinking about taking an Amsterdam weed tour? Join our Amsterdam Drugs Tour! Our local experienced guides will teach you everything there is to know about drugs and Amsterdam. Legal drugs like weed, hash and magic truffles will be discussed but also illegal substances plus drug history, fun facts, statistics, law enforcement, money laundering and drug trends.

Get a better understanding of drugs, the liberal Dutch culture and Holland’s capital with this interesting, fun & exciting tour.



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