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Red Light District

Amsterdam Implements Language Exam for Prostitutes

Posted on: septembre 4, 2012

Language exam for prostitutes in Amsterdam

Mandatory Language Exam For Prostitutes in Amsterdam

In the fight against abuses in prostitution, the municipality of Amsterdam will carry out a number of new measures from 1 January 2013. There will be a mandatory language exam for prostitutes to determine their autonomy and it will be prohibited to run double shifts. The City of Amsterdam puts more responsibility on the operators of prostitution businesses. From the beginning of next year, the window-owners are required to show a business plan in which the working conditions of the sex works are guaranteed.

Amsterdam Prostitution Needs More Safety Measures

language exam for prostitutes in Red Light District

Also, brothel operators should take measures to prevent unsafe sex and should have the required work schedules to prevent the double shifts of the prostitutes. In addition, the manager is required to be present during business hours. The city will care for prostitutes and will further professionalize and expand into the escort industry & home prostitution. When signs of forced prostitution and trafficking occur, there will be hard concequences for those who violate these laws.

Amsterdam Prostitution Safety A Responsibility Of Brothel Owners

“Prostitution is a delicate job,” says Mayor Eberhard van der Laan. “There is often an unequal dominance of operators towards the prostitutes. That situation must be broken. ” lf sex-operators fail to comply with any of the hold conditions, the company can be closed temporarily or lose its license…

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