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Red Light District
Food Delivery in Amsterdam

Food delivery Amsterdam

The best way to do food delivery in Amsterdam

If you are feeling lazy and don’t wanna go to a restaurant in Amsterdam (or anywhere else in Holland), the best thing to do is just order some food at your hotel/ hostel or in a park and get it delivered. If you wanna do so, we advice you to use this website: www.justeat.nl

This is a site where you can order Chinese, Pizzas, Hamburgers, Grill, etc.
They also take orders for breakfast, like sandwiches… Just place the zipcode of your hotel or hostel and it will search for the nearest food-company around. It also provides different languages, for example English, German, French and Dutch (obviously).

Also good to know: this website also offers a service where you can order your beer online and got it delivered anywhere in Amsterdam!