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Red Light District Tours

Amsterdam Red Light District Hat


  • Unisex
  • Adjustable for all sizes
  • Polyester material
  • Washable by hand

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Amsterdam Red Light District Hat

This super cool black hat with a red light bulb on it, is the best souvenir you can buy. The light bulb has three X’s in it which can also be found on the flag of Amsterdam. These crosses are everywhere in the city – as it’s the symbol of Amsterdam.  You find them on buildings, facades, poles, etc. Some people even have it tattooed on their body. The three X’s also represents the vices of Amsterdam.

The black hat is fashionable and really comfortable. It’s a one-size fits all and it can be worn in many ways; with the cap forward or backward. The black cap goes well with other colors, so it is easy to combine with different clothing styles. A fantastic item to protect yourself from the sun during the summer.

This exclusive Amsterdam Red Light District hat was designed and made by us. It’s part of our brand. Order now because we only have a few of these unique hats in store.

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