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The Dutch Parliament Against Regulating Cannabis Cultivation

Posted on: November 28, 2013

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The Dutch parliament is against regulating cannabis cultivation

Tuesday a motion by the SP – a left-wing party – to keep this option open was rejected.
Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten stressed Thursday, that all regulation of cannabis cultivation is undesirable for several reasons, and moreover not legally feasible. He also confirmed that under his leadership, there will never be experiments at the municipal level. However, he is working on an inventory of initiatives from municipalities. The motion of the SP (Socialists), which was co-sponsored by other parties such as D66 (Liberals) and coalition member PvdA (Labour), called on the government to keep an ” open mind “, look at the municipal plans and not to close off the option.

cannabis cultivation Netherlands
Picture source: Marijuana.com

Producing Cannabis Is Illegal in the Netherlands

There is an on-going contradiction in the Dutch approach of marijuana. A so-called ‘coffeeshop’ is allowed to buy and sell cannabis within the legally tolerated limits, but its suppliers are not allowed to grow or import it, or to sell it to the coffeeshop: “The front door is open, but the backdoor is illegal.”

According to several political parties and a great number of municipalities, regulation allows for better control on health issues and works towards keeping commercial weed out of the hands of criminal organizations. According to D66, regulating cannabis cultivation could generate an annual revenue of 500 million for the state. Mayor Dominic Schrijer (PvdA) of Zwijndrecht states that this can pick up to € 1 billion. D66 MP Magda Berndsen has already announced that she is working on her party’s own legislative proposal.

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