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New Dutch comedy series in red light district

Posted on: Oktober 21, 2010

BNN's Red Light District Serie Walhalla

The broadcasting company BNN is making a new Dutch comedy series, which will be shot in the red light district: Walhalla.

This comedy series consists of twelve episodes and is about six young friends whose life takes place in and around coffeeshop Walhalla, which is located in the Red Light District of Amsterdam. Walhalla is produced by Endemol and Kemna & Sons.

Writers Wim Bax und Frank Houtappels are currently still working on the script.
“No it’s not about prostitutes, pimps or the Banana-bar”. The series is about six youngsters who live and work in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. They mostly meet eachother in Walhalla to discuss love, sex and other inconvenciences of life.

The decision of shooting the series in the Red Light District wasn’t accidential. Wim Bax: “This area appeals to the imagination. It is an area where many different kind of people meet eachother. Besides  the prostitutes, you have, a Chinese temple or a very ordinary day care”.

The new show will be broadcast on January 3th at 9.15 p.m. on BNN.

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