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Posted on: Juni 1, 2014

Het is Koel. A cool shop in Amsterdam which sells delicious frozen yoghurt and Dutch waffles.

Koel, the first self-service frozen yogurt shop in The Netherlands.

If you’re into frozen yoghurt or (Dutch) waffles, this is the place you have to go to during your visit in Amsterdam! Really, this stuff is so ridiculous good! You don’t wanna miss this…
The half full yoghurt is organic, 100% natural and it contains less than 100 calories! It’s delicious!!

Tapping a frozen yoghurt inside Het is Koel in Amsterdam's Red Light District.

At Koel, you can tap your own frozen yoghurt. Afterwards you can add your toppings yourself. You decide the quantity. The more you add, to more you pay. Pretty straightforward!

This is definitely the best frozen yoghurt and waffle shop in Amsterdam. Go see it in the Red Light District.

Koel offers around 15 different toppings for your frozen yoghurt. Fruit, sweets, etc. Everything is freshly made too!

This is how the menu of frozen yoghurt shop "Het is Koel" looks like.

This is how Koel’s menu looks like. So, you can choose between warm Dutch waffles and organic frozen yoghurt. Prices vary between 2,25 and 5 Euro. Depending on the number of toppings. Wanna try a Dutch waffle? Then we would like recommend you to take the Nutella topping. It’s sooo good!

Tip from a local: Go to Koel in Amsterdam and have a Dutch waffle with Nutella.

Here it is… A big jar of Nutella. Get into my mouth you, Nutella!
Dutch waffles and Nutella is definitely one to keep in mind.

Best frozen yoghurt in Amsterdam: Go to "Het is Koel" in the Red Light District.

This Koel shop is located in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. They’re established on the Zeedijk (Sea Dyke). During our tours we pass by this frozen yoghurt and waffles shop. If you like to we could make a stop here, to get some of this deliciousness. CLICK HERE to join one of our tours through the Red Light District.

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