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Amsterdam Police Tour

Amsterdam Police Tour

A Few Highlights of This Walking Tour:

– Meet & Greet A Former Amsterdam Cop.
– Walk his Former Patrol Route.
– Hear how rough the Red Light District used to be.
– Old photo’s of the area, cops and criminals.
– Window Brothels & Prostitutes.
– Locations for Special Undercover Operations.
– Former House of an Ex Kingpin.
– Nitty-gritty details of Dutch Police-Work.

The Telegraph wrote this article about our Amsterdam Police Tour.

Duration: 2 hours
Hosted: Friday or Saturday on request.
Next availability: Saturday 30 September 2017.
Time: 2 pm
Price: 30 euro per person
Language: English

Description of This Walking Tour:

Join our exclusive Amsterdam Police Tour through the Red Light District and let a former police officer show you what it was like in the 1980’s. He’ll tell you original stories, show you rare photos & present matching highlights while you walk his former patrol route in the infamous Red Light District.

Between the 1970’s and 1990’s, the notorious Red Light District was characterised by drugs, robberies, illegal gambling, prostitution, but also solidarity, team spirit and sociability among the Red Light District Police & residents. A time that is now difficult to imagine as it has become a safe, urban hotspot of Amsterdam.

Red Light District Police Tour Former Cop
Piet Middelkoop, former cop, tells the nitty-gritty details of police work, prostitution, drugs, gambling & corruption, but also camaraderie in the 1980’s.

CLICK HERE for more details about Piet and this special Amsterdam Police Tour.

  • The former ghetto (now safe urban hotspot)
  • Old police station
  • Main streets of the red light district
  • Window brothels
  • Locations for undercover operations
  • The former house of Amsterdam’s kingpin
  • Money laundering station
  • Escape routes
  • Spots where career criminals operated
  • Chinatown
  • Casa Rosso – erotic theater
  • Banana Bar

This Amsterdam Police Tour is super exciting, interesting, and really fun!

2 hours